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Hello there,
my name is Max I’m 27 years old ,and I’m from upper Austria.

My memory journey started a few weeks ago, the need to learn a mnemonic technique arose from having to study for the medical-school entry exam, where one part is about memorizing 8 ‘allergy-passports’ in 8 minutes. After those 8 minutes, you have to complete two different task, which take 30 minutes in total, followed by 25 questions about the passports. To get a sense of what the task looks like, I’ll share one passports + questions with you.

The questions then either have you combine information or just retrieve a certain fact of one passport.
For example: which person/person’s have a 3 as their fourth digit in their passport number?
And so on, you get the idea. Second type of question would be, how many people have the bloodtype A/B, how many people take medication, or which person is allergic to zinc and is not taking medication.

To tackle this task I’ve been using the loci method, combined with the major-system, numbers 01-99.
I’m using my parent’s house as a route and place the information clockwise into the different rooms. Furthermore I try to link some infos, to reduce the number of objects I have to remember. For one passport it would look something like this:

  1. Pictureframe on the door:
    Name: HQJKDT - she’s from Hongkong and on the picture you can see her standing in an apple orchard, biting an apple. -> Hongkong combines her facial features with the name; the apple stand for -> no medication
  2. Desk:
    Date of birth day :11 -> Tod (Death, The Grim Reaper), is standing on thr desk, with his scythe
  3. Window
    Month: January -> fireworks are shooting in the sky everywhere, and Death is waiting for the first person to get seriously injured.
  4. Computer:
    Blood type: A -> Ants are crawling all over the computer
  5. Printer:
    Allergies: Birch, Formaldehyde, Zinc -> I’m standing there sneezing (allergic to Birch), Batteries are lying around to power a flashlight if i have to go outside (Zinc), and I’ve prepared a formaldehyde solution to help Death conserve the victims of the firework.
  6. Safe:
    First two digits of number: 21 -> nut, a squirrel placed nuts inside our safe to keep a stash for the ongoing winter months.
  7. Cupboard:
    Last two digits of number: 26 -> Nische (niche), there’s a hidden compartment, in the cupboard, a niche to hide in.
  8. Childrens’ toys:
    Country: Sweden-> Ikea, the kids were eating crispbread while playing, and there are crumbs everywhere.

The method so far works really well, I only struggle with the names because they’re completely arbitrary and this sometimes makes it hard to create a connection, also they don’t correspond to the country of origin. I would love to have some tips, improvements on my method. I’ve still got a month to study for the exam, right now I score around 19-22/25 points in my attempts, which is really nice already. I do those allergy passports every ozher day, to make sure my palace is rather empty again. The biggest issue is, that one small mistake can cost me 2-4 points if the information has to be linked in several questions. What’s helpful though is, you can filter out a lot of the information from the different answers ( they don’t include information, which weren’t on the passports). So the hooks for each piece is actually more important than the information itself.

Little extra note, I actually wanted to vasten my knowledge concerning mnemonic techniques because it’s a frequent topic in Hannibal, and I just find such feats of memory outstanding.


Seems like you’ve already got the idea of how it all works :slight_smile:

I especially Liked this one :slight_smile:

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