(New member) Assembling an arsenal - South Korea

Hello, my name is Bradley Kim. I am 16 years of age and I am currently waiting for my new academic year to start. As I had some time on my hands (considering the Coronavirus pandemic and that it’s my summer holiday), I have decided to mass an arsenal of study techniques in hopes to prepare for the concept-intensive, new curriculum that I will be starting next year (A levels).
With that in mind, I was initially introduced to memory techniques through the book “Make it Stick” by Mark A. McDaniel and Peter C. Brown, and later read “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Joshua Foer. I could safely say that I have a general understanding of memory techniques but hope to really make this a part of me.
I will be taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics next year and I can sense the level of potential through using the Method of Loci concept retrieval. I’ve already spruced up a few locations but I am still quite unsure on how to approach science. Any tips would be greatly appreciated on how to associate concepts and equations to locations.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You might want to search the forum for things like physics and biology. The free ebook also points to various resources on the site.

Welcome to the site. Hello from Brazil.

What’s up Bradley, hellos from Texas. Glad to see you’re getting started on this stuff at such an early age (makes me wish I had haha). Hope all’s well in South Korea currently; I know COVID made things spicy in your neck of the woods, and I read something today about North Korea dipping their toe into that demilitarized zone. Don’t know if things are really serious or if the American media’s hyping things up, but, either way, it pays to be wary these days…

If you’re ever down to practice or share some techniques, feel free to send word my way!

Thank you everyone for your kind replies! I must admit I’m quite taken aback with the responses.