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Hi, I found this community on the internet. Hopefully I can learn some new memorization techniques, and better understand the ones I already use.

My memorization abilities are already pretty good, owing in part to a methodology that might be considered a little unorthodox by the standards on this site. I naturally developed this methodology through my experiences with tulpas. To briefly explain my experiences, my counterparts (tulpas) and I live together in an inner-world, which you might think of as an imagined place very similar to a memory palace. As a result of much meditation and visualization, our inner-world is very vivid and life-like.

The methodology I use to quickly memorize things is as follows: I simply write down what I would like to remember in the inner-world, on a piece of paper. To recall it, I simply look at that paper in the inner-world. In a lot of ways, it really isn’t like memorization. It is memorization in the sense that it is a functional way for me (the human organism) to take in information and be able to quickly recall it later, but to preform this does not feel like memorization to me.

Thoughtforms/tulpas is a pretty controversial topic in some circles, and many from those communities espouse very unusual beliefs. There is very little common understanding of methods and terminology among people in the tulpa community, so it might be hard for me to give very neutral explanations. I’m curious about other memorization techniques, and how to better understand the method I have come across on my own.

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How much can you write down in your inner world and remember? What is your accuracy level for a given amount of information? What is your speed?

I don’t know the total volume of information that could be written down. Presumably a lot - my counterpart has composed several notebooks in the past few years and the information has persisted so far. As for me, I usually only take quick notes and discard them when I am done. Very recently I have started using a chalk board for the same purpose.

About the accuracy level, I don’t know. The information “stored” with this method is not merely the words, but the actual handwriting. While I lack substantial artistic ability simple sketches work too.

The speed is the speed I can write in the inner world, which is perhaps slightly slower than I can write normally.

So, you should be able to memorize a deck of cards or a good amount of random numbers in a decent amount of time. Could you make a video showing how fast you can memorize a deck or 80 random numbers?

If by memorize you mean writing down the cards/numbers internally, that would work. I imagine it would take three to five minutes but could be done pretty fast with practice.

About decks of cards, that is one thing I have not been successful in implementing in the inner world. We can play games of chess internally, and other things like dice work fine. However decks of cards do not work. Consider the game of solitaire - some cards are face down in the deck and others are face down on the field and others are face up on the field. The issue that comes into play is drawing a new card from the deck - it could be a card that is already face-down on the field. The nature of card games dictates that it cannot be known which cards are where at all times, so it hasn’t worked for us so far. I wonder if by training other memorization techniques involving decks of cards if I could not eventually get decks of cards to work correctly in the inner world?

As for making a video, I will when I can. I am occupied due to military orders and storms in my part of the world!

So, you have never before created images for cards or numbers, or created memory journeys?

I have used memory journeys in applications unrelated to thoughtforms/tulpas, e.g. using interstate signs to remember birthdays along the route I usually drive. I don’t have any particular background using images to remember cards/numbers.