New Member: Andrew B, USA, MN

  • In the IT realm, but more importantly looking to imrpove myself in most facets whether it be fitness, memory, social interactions, etc.
  • My current job is a bit slow and I’ve had interest in practicing/increasing memory capacity in the past without the adequate time.
  • Best memory feat? I don’t remember :wink: lol
  • Biggst memory challenge: maintaining focus. Diagnosed younger with Attention deficit so I lose focus/wonder easily especially when things get challenging
  • GOAL: I need to narrow in on a goal; something concrete and measurable. I’m hopeful with this setup since there is training tools etc.
  • WHY ART OF MEMORY? I chose Art of memory b/c of the free resources and tools

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Please share with us in a Memory Journal any new memory training activity you start, and ask questions freely so we can discuss on different topics.