New member and magician from Thailand!

Hi, I just get into the mnemonic system for my magic show. I am looking forward to doing the routine where I can memorize 30 items in one minute.

What system should I use? I have tried the Peg system(Rythm), Linking but still not fast enough. Should I try the memory palace? The point is I need to be faster to entertain people live.



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You could train with the Memory League Images event. In the game, you work up to memorizing 30 images in 60 seconds. Simon’s peg list technique works pretty well. A memory palace would work too. Either method will require practice to get up to that speed.

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What does your memory magic trick consist of exactly ? Where do you get your 30 items? Any detail on how you set up your routine would help. Of course Id start developing the skills needed for memory palaces right away.

30 items or words from the audiences. The entire trick are just doing memory feat.

I want to recall 30 items after 30th person call out their item.

Might consider a structure that has six blocks of five items.

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FYI, I am practicing with Harry Lorayne’s Peg Word base on Phonetic sound at the moment.

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I would use a memory palace. I would try different things on the side like I would practice linking them to the people themselves. I would work on different techniques, but most probably go back to using a memory palace because that is the skill i have developped the most and Im fastest and most accurate at, and in public Id need to feel in complete control.

I got you. I would try memory palace sometimes. I still using Peg because I just get started and it’s the first one I tried with 30 items.