New member: Alex From Belgium

Hi everyone,

I’m Alex, I’m from Belgium (French part) and I’m 18. I’m still in high school.

First time, I find information about memory techniques was on YouTube 3 years, but I didn’t take time to learn these. I also saw mind palace in Sherlock.

I don’t have any experience in memory techniques so I don’t have any feat.

My main goal is to understand how/when to use mind palace, and others techniques and use it in every day life and never forget anything.

My second goal is to use those techniques to study, I’m still in high school (any techniques to study Dutch vocalabulary?:sob: ) so I don’t have many things to study but next I will probably go to university and it would be good if I know the best way to study.

I decided to become member because I don’t really know how to begin.

That’s all, thanks !

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: