New member - Agnes, Poland

I am automation student, I lurked around this forum for some time. I have rather poor memory but I used to enjoy to learn long poems. At this point I am learning how to efficiently use my synesthesia to overcome dyslexia. I camed here because I like to make small mental experiments from time to time and I also enjoy reading about methods people are coming up with to improve their mental capabilities.


I am experentinh with using Superb Associationstrong text for developing synesthesia

For example- Word-

Superb Association - A brain coming to my house and being told that it will have to come here from time to time.

A book reading and coming up with methods to improve our mental capabilities.

and I think that normal synesthesia is aquired through associations however it will be interesting to know what will happen if I or somebody else will try to acquire it by Superb Associations.


Credit to unknown persons for creating Superb Associations,



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This method is interesting, thank you for sharing. I will use it next time when i will read a book.