New Member: 4784-942-addict

I’m a senior college student. I got into memory techniques because of “Suits.” I study accounting and I’m aiming to prepare for the licensure exam using mnemonics.

As you can understand in my code name, I’m a recovering addict. It’s ironic that I want to improve my memory yet at the same time I’m poisoning my brain with this 942 addiction. I joined here because I want to share my story and would like to ask for tips both for memory and recovery. I know this is not exactly the place to be at (I guess) but I just want to improve and focus on this art of memory.

My record in memorizing a deck of cards is 1 minute and 32 seconds. For words and numbers I don’t keep track yet. I don’t know where to compare. I try to practice on my phone at least once a day for cards, numbers, and words. I suck at remembering faces and I think I lack of memory palaces because I often use the same locations.

Thank you already for reading this. Thank you guys.



You should check out
It’s a good place to practise and play matches against other people :slight_smile: