New Member: 45y, John Schwartz, Cleveland OH USA

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Hi everyone,

  • I’m a digital manager, beekeeper, father of six great kids, memory nut and learner. Like many of you I’m sure, I’m wandering around in virtual worlds in my spare time.

  • I found out about mind palaces only 2 months ago and, as a homeschooler, teaching my children now HOW to learn better. Already using many different methods for remembering names, birthdays, discussion points during live discussions without notes, etc, etc. WHY aren’t we educating our nation’s youth with these things?

  • Thankfully, I stumbled across this whole new world in November 2016 and its revolutionary power listening to a couple different podcasts. Since then, I have absorbed just about every blog, podcast, book I could buy on my kindle, find at the library, etc.

  • Currently, I’m up late into the evenings when everyone is in bed working on figuring out some kind of infinite memory palace that works for me into the future. I’m taking my time and I want to “get it right” in a way that works for me, doesn’t cause dead-ends or isn’t realistic. So, right now it’s looking like a giant virtual 3D town center shaped in a wheel that expands ever outward as far as I like. I’ve nailed down my learning into 10 major branches. Using color and variations of major method, journeys and mind maps, I’m cataloguing information in a way I can get at from different angles: along a journey, by color, by category, by number/visual. I am almost satisfied with the plan, but it is still simmering on low…

  • My biggest challenge is to stop planning and start implementing more.

  • My goal currently is 150,000 data points.

  • I became a member after seeing good discussions and breadth of info here.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Josh :wink: