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Hi everyone!
I’m from Spain, and I’m very interested in memory methods, but I just don’t know where to start.
I’ve always had a good memory, but I think that learning a good method would improve my life enormously. Is there a good one to start with? Do you recommend method of loci for a beginner as me? Is there a good book to start with this method?
Thank in advance for your answers!

Hi, Doctor

What are you specifically interested in memorizing? A good book on the subject of mnemonics for beginners is called “Moonwalking with Einstein” By Joshua Foer

Welcome, i strongly recommend to start with the wiki and the video section,


Thank you Bateman! I’ll try to get this book

I’m interested in memorizing stuff related with laws. I’m trying to get a public job in Spain, so I need to make an examination with some legal stuff and administration related things.
On the other hand, I would also like to learn as many languages as possible and, if I am able some day, memorize the books I read.
But I prefer to go step by step, so an intro to put me on the good way is ok by now

I have “Memory in a month”, by Ron White. Do you recommed it for a beginner? Or is it complicated to start with?
Think that English is not my “native” language, although I can use it fluently and read books and listen to recorded tapes.

Thank you Rod03! I’ll have a look at those links :slight_smile:

I have not read the book, but all the books that I’ve read on memory are able to be used by total beginners. Memory techniques are not that complicated and can be easily understood and applied. I have however seen some of Ron White’s videos on his channel Here

There’s also a simple Getting started guide on this site Here

Having a language other than English as my native language has only helped me. I often make associations using my native language that would have been difficult using English.

Good luck,