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Combat Veteran Hospital Corpsman served with United States Marines in Iraq 2006-2007. Have two bachelor degrees’ one in Nursing other in Business. Registered Nurse, Originally from Texas.
I found out about memory techniques from Joshua Foer book Moonwalking with Einstein. I like how with proper training the brain is able to do anything.
Best memory feat: Still working on this.
What currently is your biggest challenge when it comes to getting the memory you want?
My biggest challenge is that Im more of a left sided brain person who lacks the training of the right side functions. I need to be more musical, rhythm, imaginative, daydreaming, colour, dimension.
My big goal I want to achieve is I want to build the foundations of memory techniques and practice them so I can utilize them to learn, and retain information in such a way I can practice as a FNP. I am just starting. So working on getting several memory palaces…

Why ArtofMemory? Why not…. It seems like a kick ass idea and the minds and strategy behind it have some experience and knowledge going into making it the best they can.

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Thanks for sharing the imagery tips from Buzan and other info! I also had a laugh at your comments about the slowness of the forum at times… One tip is to make this your go-to page if you haven’t already so that you see active posts from every corner of the forum. There are some days when hardly anyone posts, but generally there are a few, and I’m seeing more and more new members all the time. Some of course drop off the map after a while, and then others are regulars. Really though there are a lot of quality older posts on this forum too, I can spend a lot of time reading old posts which are highly educational.


Cool to see former military here and a nurse at that too! I like the medical professionals who are around here as well, very cool that you are both!

Don’t be too down on yourself for a left/right brain dilemma, most of that is just an adaptation not what actually goes on in your brain so some of this super useful advice above is all you need!

Here is an article on why that myth is “useful” and won’t die easily.

Keep it up!


Thanks MM Scott of Glasgowans and jsnystromjgr for the warm welcome and tons of information. I started a new traveling nursing website and today I just did an exam and finished a long paper for a graduate course. I need to focus on everything from ground up to make life easier is how I view it. I love learning have more books and information I can ever break thru it would be great.

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I have actually never heard the difference between the right and left brain. A good book is called, Your Memory: How it Works and How to Improve it by Kenneth L. Higbee. That was the first memory book I read. It is much more instructional than Foers book although I think the two do complement each other very well. I can honestly say that the best instruction manual I have ever seen on how to use pretty much every mnemonic ever is Higbees book. Its a classic.