New member, 26, Paris, struggling with creating a Palace from scratch


I’m a 26 year old dude from Paris, France, with a very strong interest in Memory techniques, and the Memory Palace in particular.

I stumbled upon this forum as I was scouting the internet for tips on how to create a Palace from scratch. I’ve never lived in a house. Appartments are a bit limitative, and outside streets are the opposite : too wide, too many details, too active. Makes it hard to visualize. And in both cases, I find it hard to choose a single one path, that never crosses path with a previous point.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. But yeah, this is why I’m here, nice to meet you all!

Welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Just try to create small ones 20-50 loci first. Go to a park on one side of the street, then the park is another, and come back on the other side of the street. Apartments work very well for me as well.


It seems like this could be of help to you:

Agree with Bateman. Don’t over-complicate it. I would just focus on starting. Perhaps, start with the objective maybe of creating five 10 loci journeys. Just to show yourself you have the ability to do this. Just start at a location, the cafe, and go for a walk, and pick the first 10 things you notice. Or start in your bedroom and do the same. Or start from the bus stop/airport/grocery store, etc. Once you get started in this, it becomes easier and easier. You just need to prove to your brain it’s actually not hard.