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Hey guys! I’ve been looking at techniques for a few years now and so far have worked on the ‘memory palace’ technique and the major number system. I’ve practised these by memorising decks of cards, bringing my time down to about 3 minutes to memorise.

I love these techniques and wish I had discovered them at a younger age!!

I stopped learning about them, and practising, when I moved abroad to flight school. 2 years later I am ready to start training for a major European airline. I’d like to say that these techniques helped me, but I knew too little and could not relate learning decks of cards to learning text from books or facts etc.

My goal now is to develop what I’ve learned, as well as learn new techniques, hopefully with the help of people on this forum, to try and use these practises for academic purposes.

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Welcome aboard, Keith!

You’re certainly not alone in your goal. I’m in about the same boat (though fortunate enough to be using these techniques in high school), and there are countless others lurking about who are also working on the “great textbook problem.” You’ll definitely find some valuable insight if you ask around. :slight_smile:

Thank you Valor 4 Victory, and thank you Preo!

So Theo, what are you using these techniques for now? Or are you still in High School? I am wondering how well these techniques would work for less ‘visual’ subjects such as law?

I’m still in high school, so I’m working on the textbook thing as I go. Fun stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m no expert on law memorization. It definitely can be done (anything can be turned into a visual image, if you can find the right technique for it). If you ask around, there are quite a few people who have explored it. There have actually been quite a few discussions on that very topic. You might look at:

Those are just a few of the seemingly more helpful threads that popped up as search results. I hope they can offer a little bit more assistance than me on the subject. :slight_smile: