New member: 17y, Kadin, Calgary Alberta Canada


I am 17 years old and a begginer as of Nov 3rd 2017

As of today (Nov 5th 2017) I can remember 14 digits of pi and any order of all 12 face cards in 55 seconds using Nelson Delis’s explaination of PAO system and the user "Batman"s modified major system.

History: 2 years in practicing and performing mentalisim

My goal: learn the user "LociInTheSky’s 2-card system, remember "Batman"s 000-999 object list, and remember a deck of cards in two minutes or less.

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

(Noel Hammett) #3

Wow! that’s awesome for someone your age. Good job!

(Simon Luisi) #4

The registration for the Alberta Memory Championship opens in a few days. You are welcome to give it a try.
Check out the resource page for the arbiter check list and provincial tab. Welcome to the site.


Hey man were both young (14) and I’m Into mentalism as well. I am not great at it but can pick up on things easily because of my low latent inhibition. Would you mind teaching me some of your techniques on mentalism. It would be greatly appreciated