New: LA/SD, California (USA)

Greetings, my name is Titan.

I found this forum whilst looking up brain academy courses.
I decided to check it out, I figured there would be a lot of interaction and free information to be shared.

I do mental visualization exercises, to help with emotional alchemy. I have memorized script for theater class and various plays or moves for Football and Wrestling.
I used visualization a lot for gaining an athletic edge but it also helped me academically. Novels were easier to read because of my vivid imagination. I was able to decide whether I liked a book or not.

I am a fairly spiritual person, I use my guides imaginary or real, to help facilitate conversations in my mind or aid in me thinking differently.
I am a self improvement but and an aspiring entrepreneur. I’m willing to go to the ends of the universe to find techniques to aid in my evolution. Spiritually, physically, intellectually, or emotionally.

I’m looking for mental exercises to keep my brain healthy and active, which I will use supplementally with my spiritual practice.

I’m excited to learn techniques and habits to improve myself on the path of self mastery.

I’ve experimented with shamanic plant medicines
in the past. I stick to Marijuana and a herbal teas for the most part.

Thank you for having me :call_me_hand:


What is emotional Alchemy? Sounds interesting.

Being able to change or transmute one emotions into another.
It’s usually done by linking the concept you want to change to a past memory, then the emotion is transmuted into a preferred emotion. Usually a memory or emotion is used opposite of the emotion one is trying to transmute.

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