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Hi, everyone, sorry for some mistakes I might have done typing in English, anyway I’m 21 and I discovered memo techniques recently. I’m just spending my free time trying to learn new things. In the last days/weeks I memorized 1000 digits of pi, then World Capitals, USA capitals, Periodic Table and other stuff, I’m also some sort of a “speedcuber”, I average 18/19 seconds so not really incredible and I’m planning to practice a lot on MBLD (multi-blind) . The thing I enjoy the most is memorizing deck of cards, for now I’m just sticking with a single deck but sooner or later I’ll try multiple decks. At first I used single card image and I put 2 images per loci for a total of 26 loci, then I tried PAO system but I wasn’t really confortable with it (but maybe I haven’t practiced it enough to judge it). For 2 days I’ve been doing 5 images per loci so I can memorize a full deck in 10 loci in 4 minutes, I feel like it’s the best method for me (at least beginner method), but I think there isnt anyone that uses this method… I know that everyone should build and use their own method but you guys, what do you think? I kinda get lost if I memorize fast and put 2 images per loci, with 5 I quickly create a story and I remember it without problems Do you think it is a method that can allow me to memorize in under 2 minutes?. At least before I move on to something more advanced. Any suggestion? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance ahah, let me know if you dont catch something, as I said my motherlanguage is Italian :smiley:

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1000 digits of pi? holy cow…
Id like to memorize a deck of cards eventually but I still dont understand the PAO system or loci…

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page that has a free ebook. It’s a short, quick introduction to the basic concepts.

Ill check it out. Thank you