New Job Study


So I’m about to start a new job. This requires learning the company procedures, how and when to fill out company reports, and a bunch on system operation facts and limitations for the vehicles in use. Finally, there will be a bunch on new faces and names, with over 180,000 employees, only about a third of whom I may meet.

Any ideas for solidifying the facts, figures, and limitations into easy access memory? I don’t think a palace will be useful, although I do find it easy to visualize the system. The random weights for the limitationsseem to be that which I struggle the most.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

(Silvio B.) #2

I use memory palaces/memory journeys for practically everything.

Sometimes when I just have to memorize a random fact, without the need for any order, I still place the information in a space. It just helps me to look for the information somewhere in my memory. I often use places from video games.

Do you have an example of what the information you need to learn could look like?


Some of the information I would need to know:
The maximum takeoff weight is 84,500 lbs (432 of these facts)

The main battery has a nominal output voltage of 24 VDC with a capacity of 17 ampere-hours. The main battery charger is powered from AC bus 1 and the APU battery charger is powered from the AC service bus. (20 systems x 2 types)

For Takeoff with RVR (runway visual range) of 1000 1000 1000, any two RVRs must be reporting, all reporting are controlling, and there must be either CL (centerline lighting) or RCLM (runway centerline markings) and HIRL (high intensity runway lights). (460 pages of this stuff)

To create a waypoint in the plan, press keypad for identifier, press L2 line select key, confirm ID with L2 or L4, say what you did then “confirm”, wait for other person’s response, then press R6 EXEC. (Hundreds of these)

Do this at this point while saying that (36 profiles)

The training period is about 3 months, with 2 weeks to prepare prior, but is drinking from a fire hose the entire time, 6 days on with one day off each week. It was easier to learn this stuff 20 years ago, I would like use memory techniques to make up for 20 years of aging.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

(Silvio B.) #4

For the numbers with more than 1 digit, I‘d use the major system:
It‘s easy to get started with.

For single digit-numbers, I use a number shape system:
0 = life belt
1 = candle
2 = swan
3 = handcuffs
4 = sailing boat
5 = seahorse
6 = elephant
7 = golf club
8 = snowman
9 = balloon
(You can come up with your own images for the 10 numbers, these are just the ones I use and some might not make sense to you)

For the abbreviations I would set an image to always represent it, because most of them usually come up quite often.

APU = Apu from the Simpsons
AC = Lockheed AC-130
(This is just what came to my mind, you should use what you come up with, that works best)

So everytime APU comes up, I‘d imagine Apu interacting with the matter at hand. I would put all that in an environment that fits the information.

For procedures, I would make small memory journeys so I‘d get the order right.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:
Please ask if you have any questions or if my explanation was unclear.


Thank you very much!