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Hi everyone. I’m 21 from the US, currently in my (sorta) last year of college as a computer science major.

I’m autistic and probably have adhd so my grades in school are horrific… .unless I have to memorize straight facts about something I care about. Then I do pretty great. I am hoping to learn ways to use memory techniques to not fail out of school, because I suck right now.

I’ve been lurking in and out for a long time but I figured I’d finally learn stuff about it. I once used a memory palace to learn all the countries ni order by population in one night and got a gift card at school but that’s the best I’ve got for now.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

You don’t suck, you are doing great.

Only 17% of young adults with autism get into a 4 year college.

I am also on the spectrum but unfortunately part of the other 83%. I dropped out of high school because of my autism. I’ve been trying to get back to college but it hasn’t been that easy. I can’t help you with memorization techniques, I don’t use any myself but I just wanted to say you are doing great and I wish you good luck.

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