New Ideas that can be added to Memory League?


Hi everyone right now memorizing is my new passion. I like the format of Memory League competition compared to the world memory champion because it is more exciting and more audience friendly. I think the digital one is really the future of the memory sports. I hope someday the memory sport will be the most popular sport in the world.

As I watched the XMT, the comment of Florian Delle strikes me.
I have been thinking of some ideas to sort of to add some variety in the current competition to make it more exciting. Aside from the current format, here are my ideas (hehe).

Instead of eating, the competitor will be memorizing as many information as they can in 60 seconds. One point deduction for every mistake, this is to discourage guessing.

The basic idea is that the time difference will affect the scores of the competitors. Example

If Ana has memorized 70 numbers in 30 seconds and
Bert has memorized 77 numbers in 45 seconds.
Time difference: 45 sec – 30 sec = 15 pts.
Score difference: 77 – 70 = 7 pts
So the score that will be added to Ana is 15 – 7 = 8 pts.

The Final Score:
Ana = 70 + 8 = 78
Bert = 77
So Ana wins.

What do you all guys think?

(Simon Orton) #2

They are interesting ideas and we considered some ideas like that when first devising the tournament rules.

For many people, Names and Words are really like the ‘All You Can Eat’ mode, because there are too many to get through in 60 seconds. We decided not to penalize incorrect recall, though, because we wanted the scores to be more impressive, and there’s very little chance of guessing an unseen name or word correctly.

Something similar to the Fast and Furious mode could work well. Someone finishing in less than 60 seconds could be given a score bonus, maybe something like 0.1 points for each second they finish early. Not too much, or there would be less chance of an upset result and the matches would be less interesting.


Hi Simon, Yes the Names and Words are harder events, so no need to change hehe.

I would love to see the Binary Digits Event I think it is the favorite event of Ben Pridmore and mine also.
It is also an event in WMC so every memory athlete has devoted a time to practice for this event.

The thing with the binary digits is that a 3 digit system ( 9 binary digits or 10 if Ben’s) encodes 3 digit more than the the 2 digit system ( 6 binary digits) so in the long run like the 60 sec memorization, 3 digit system will be superior than 2 digit system in my opinion.

I hope you will include it
Thanks Simon and more power!


I would really like a longer event. Like 15 minutes or longer. These might not be suitable for challenges. But I like the levels and the leaderboard. So maybe some events could be added just to the training mode without changing the competition mode. You would not go head to head in live
events but you could still compare yourself to other players and you could also gain levels.


One thought I’ve had is an option to add last names to the Names memorization challenges. It’s something that often has to be done in real life, and it can potentially help create more vibrant stories with more input. Certainly doesn’t need to be mandatory, but in my opinion, it’d be a great option to add!

It might also be nice for there to be an option through which the words, numbers, names, etc. are spoken, rather than written, to improve recall from audio input.

Perhaps a challenge to memorize abstract shapes or random sequences of letters, numbers, and symbols (something like a potential password) could also be interesting.


I was thinking about a date event. Instead of historical events you could do birthdays. For historical dates you would need a list with imaginary historical and future events. That would take a lot of time to create. But a list of birthdays should be easy. There already is a list of names in the system. Creating random dates is also not a problem.


I would include names in many different languages. Its much harder to make images for foreign names that local names.
Eg. John, Patrick, Lei, Lian, Mei, Yuon, Luis, Deo, Santiago, Claude, Anderi, Vlad, etc.


Hi Simon, a memory league fan here, I quite agree with John there was a match in images in XMT 2016 between Lance and Boris where Lance memorized it in amazingly 17 seconds with two mistakes and Boris memorized it 55 seconds all correct . For me, as an audience, Lance most likely won that match and in my opinion it is not about having a perfect score that make the match exciting. For me, it is about a good score (or a perfect score) and FAST TIME.

Anyway, I suggest this flash numbers event of Memoriad (it’s like the spoken numbers event of WMC)

60 numbers in 60 seconds.

Most likely for top athletes they will be able to memorize the 60 digits easily. So my idea is to time their recall. Whoever has the fastest time to recall wins the game.

So it is like an event of speed recall.



I have been thinking of attaching the mnemonic image (during memorization phase) of every player for numbers, cards and binary events.
The purpose is to make it interesting for the audience .
For me as an audience It would be very interesting.


In my opinion there should be more options for custom training. For now maximum number of objects to memorize is the same as for standard option. It would be a great to have an option to go beyond that. For example to have possibility to memorize 50 images (not only 30) in fixed amount of time.


Maybe you should have a universal “chat” in the home page so competitors can know if there is anyone online and available for competition and can request there. That way competitors can coordinate the competitions and make sure everyone is on track before actually competing.

(Praveen sharma) #12

please just give an idea (for the time your team would take ).our whole memory athletes community is so excited for you consideration to increase amount of data to practise with that you cant imagine.
just give us an idea when your whole team is going to do this great applaudable work . i think its only a matter to increase database of memory league .
if its taking time then please just extend the amount of data to practise in words for instant or as soon as possible .
hope your team would co-operate with us to provide us excellent service to enable us to become more better than before .
please reply we are waiting for positive’s


One thing that I think might come in handy would be to display some of the user’s settings right before starting a match, for instance:

Names … Language: English
Words … Language: French / Groups: 2
Cards … Groups: 3
Numbers … Groups: 3 3

There have been a number of League matches where one opponent scored ridiculously low due to forgetting to switch back to one’s usual language after doing experiments in training.

What do you think?

(Simon Orton) #14

Hi Sylle,

That’s a great idea - I’ve been caught out by that myself! We’ll do that soon.


Perhaps a feature enabling more than 2 people to compete might make things more interesting? Like a multiplayer mode of sorts. How to manage the blue screen feature with this can be tricky though…


In line with my previous suggestion, a multi-player mode can also allow for more interesting matches like people competing in teams of 2 where the combined score wins. Just a suggestion which I think might be worthwhile to pursue :slight_smile:


I was also thinking of a team of 3 in memory league like the american ninja warrior.

The two members will be 1 point each and the team leader will be 2 points.

So if your two members lost, you will still have a chance to tie the game and force a tie breaker.

I was also thinking a memory league championship in which there will be an individual competition and team competition.


Having tried out the International Names quite a few times, it’s clear that the level of difficulty is quite greater than the traditional names. I would suggest that within the Leaderboard, under the Names discipline, there is a bifurcation in Traditional and International Names. The reason behind this distinction being the latter requires much more practice and
creative association and those who are skilled in the traditional ones may not necessarily replicate their performance there. Which I believe is a good criterion for ranking them separately. Thoughts of those reading are appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Simon, regarding my idea above, I was more thinking along the lines of having the user’s current settings actually displayed on the “Ready page” so that you can immediately see if you’ve got the wrong ones. I don’t know if it would make the page too crowded, perhaps?


Otherwise I agree with Shasan on eventually having different rankings for international names somehow.

What could be interesting would be having a ranking of the athletes based on the match component only. Well, maybe not that interesting, not sure.