New idea for ANY enumerations (including poems and lists): to use a fixed sequence of colors

This night while meditating in bed I had an idea to make memorization of any enumerations easier.
Simple and effective.
To help in recalling the next sentence or item in a list, one could decide a fixed sequence of colors, memorize it perfectly (extremely easy, I think to 5 to 10 very well distinguishable colors, no more…), and use it for any enumeration to remember, lifelong.

For example, one can decide that the sequence is: red, green, pink, blue, orange, black, grey.
Almost like loci or pegs, but much less costly than them, I believe that knowing what’s the color of the next sentence or item to recall:

  • should help to visualize it (imagine that you just recited a red text, you already know that you should visualize a green text)
  • should greatly reduce any possibility of confusing the order or omitting an item of the list

According to the sequence in my example one could format the text to remember verbatim like this:

I’m thinking of enhancing all my suitable flashcards in Anki with a fixed colors sequence like this.

What do you think about it?

This would be used in conjunction with method of loci or linking?

Seems like a good idea, and would be easy to implement, after a while it would be very quick to encode. You would practically do it automatically.


Hmm no, it would be not useful for those.
I thought at it as a method to help recalling any ordered list of text verbatim, as you read it on the screen, when mediating by peg images would be difficult/imprecise and when using loci would be too costly, for example in case of long-term/lifelong memorization.

I believe that it should help for example if you want to memorize verbatim and long-term article of laws, poems, list of top xx persons in a ranking (ex: world memory championships, national memory championships, tennis, swim, running, triathlon, etc.), but it could help even when the exact order is not necessary like for list of the managers in your company or of specific departments, list of life goals, to do lists, etc.

Think it should follow the natural order. But see it as a way of encoding more information to a PAO a card, a location, a SEM or something.


When I was first adding items into my memory palace I would color code them (ROYGBIV) as another layer of ordering. So a red hat, orange dog, etc. It seems unnecessary now though.