New event: International Names

There’s a new event in Memory League - International Names!

We moved International Names to its own event as it is considerably more difficult than regular Names, so it’s good to have a separate set of scores and levels.

There are several scripts available in the preferences: Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Latin.

Also, it’s not too late to join in @BurningDesire’s International Names challenge - you have about one day left to post a score of 10 or more! See International Names, The Purge Challenge for details.


Amazing!!! This is gonna be so much fun with this. Feels like when you were climbing in the beginning regular names event.

Was just thinking about the different languages; since in like Japanese alphabet, there they don’t have the C- Letter, or the Q. How is that adjusted?

…unless you consider romaji, but then by definition you got all the Latin characters.

Can you add Hindi script in international names in memory league.

Hi Simon,
would it be possible to include the scores that have been achieved at a competition using international names to the athletes’ performances so that one does not have to jump through the levels when one has already done more than 13 names? I’m speaking of the Scandinavian Open ML 2019.
Best regards,


Hi Konsti,

It would, but I thought it might be fun for people to work their way up. You can jump from level 1 to level 10 in only two training trials if you do well enough!

can you add punjabi script