New Book From Dr. Anthony Metivier - Who else is reading it?

Just got the Kindle Version of Dr. Metivier’s new book The Victorious Mind. It is a book about Meditation and Memory. I’m only in the first couple of chapters, but it is a 3 day weekend in the U.S. I’m going to see how far I can get into it. Let me know what you think of it.
I am very interested in having a serene calm mind and I love learning new memory techniques. Everything else from him is great, so I have high hopes for this one.

Have a great weekend.


Well @DPetrosius I have read that in his book Dr Anthony Metivier shared the exact steps that he follows to build memory systems that has helped him(and others) to learn many things and can you share those steps with us which I think they will help others and me and others to build better memory systems and

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do you have ebook of it ?

Hi all,

My experience after looking at his outrageous $400 memory training program is that he is money hungry.

I will never buy any of his books.


Yes. I do. I am just start the remember your dreams section. Great book so far.

I do have the Ebook. I will be ordering the Hard Cover also.

Good Morning Stefos,
I bought his Magnetic Memory Method class. It was well worth the money. You could spend months just going through all the memory subjects he covers. I have memorized over 1,500 Arabic words and have created around 90 memory palaces using his MMM Method. As for in it for the money, I would say the opposite. If you Youtube his name or go to Pod Casts you will find at least 100 high quality discussions and topics he offers for free. They are good, they are not commercials and he is not holding the gems back. Good luck with your memory training.

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I have Harry Lorayne’s and Dominic Obrien’s memory courses…the same material is taught by them at a fraction of the cost.

He’s a ripoff artist my friend.

Stay away from him or he’ll bleed you dry.


Stefos, I understand that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but I don’t think it is polite to use the language you are using.

Correct me if I am wrong but A, since you base your assumption purely on the price charged that kinda invalidates your statement. You ASSUME, nothing more. B in most countries calling someone a bad name is slander. But more than that I think it is an entirely erroneous statement, because when it comes to almost all of the products offered online by knowledgeable people there is a refund option if you are unsatisfied. So how can you say what you said? Not cool.

If you think it is pricey then say that and leave it at that. Also just to show you the logic of your reasoning. You are on the foremost memory forum available on the planet where you have all the information you can ever need and on top of that, real memory athletes and champions actively participate here. So why would you pay for a book? (I hope you did in fact pay for it, otherwise that’s stealing). So back to the logic part. Even though you have all the information you need, here, for free, buying a book is a choice and so if someone thinks it is okay to pay for a course. Then that’s their choice.


Hi Stefos,

While I do agree with you that there is lots good information available at a low cost, or even free, I question the rationale of characterizing Mr Metivier as a ‘ripoff artist’.

It is fair to critique or criticize somebody because you don’t see the value in a service they are selling, but to call somebody a ripoff artist seems to imply that they are being deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise not delivering an honest service.

I do not know Mr Metivier and I have never paid for any of his courses. I only know of him through this website and from a very small number of writings and videos I saw him do. From my understanding, he offers a service for money to people who feel they will benefit from it. And he does an honest job of trying to delver on his promise.

If you intend to stand by the statement that he is a ‘ripoff’ artist, please provide the evidence of dishonesty so other people can at least evaluate for themselves–or so he can answer, if he sees this post.

[Just a note that my only stake in this is that I believe that the best way to honor our right to free speech is to speak respectfully as much as possible and to provide honest evidence when we no longer feel we can.]

Cc: @metivier


I don’t question the effectiveness of what he teaches

I question the COST of it.

And in that, I’m completely justified in calling him greedy.


It is fair to complain about cost. That is your opinion.

You also said:

He’s a ripoff artist my friend.


Stay away from him or he’ll bleed you dry.


Did Mr Metivier steal anything from you, cheat you, harm you, prey on you, or maneuver you in any situation where you were not in control of the outcome? Do you know of any service he provided for money and willfully failed to deliver on what was promised?

You have every right to express an opinion about his service, and whether or not you would recommend it to other people. You have every right to say whether you think something is overpriced. But characterizing him as dishonest or of bad character is not justifiable based on anything you have said so far.

I don’t like to be confrontational, but this is not the right way to talk about people. Furthermore, Mr Metivier is a member of this website and by default deserves the same respect as any other member.

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Hi @DPetrosius

Getting back to the original post, I was able to download a sample of his book The Victorious Mind from Amazon for free.

I have only read a little so far. Quite frankly, I am surprised how much you can see from the sample. Anyway, as you said, it is a book about meditation and memory. The author talks about how he used memory training and meditation together to fix a very troubled mind and he says the book will share specifics so the reader can use similar techniques to help improve their own lives.

This intrigues me. In the first place, it is an application of memory techniques that you will not find in a book by Harry Lorayne. (BTW, Harry Lorayne’s books are excellent, IMO.) And I don’t remember seeing it in any other books, although I am sure I could have missed them if they exist. In the second place, I have had great success repurposing memory training as a tool to help deal with anxiety attacks that I used to experience frequently. So, his opening comments about how he made use of memory techniques in his struggle to deal with his own mental and emotional struggles seems very plausible to me.

From what I have read so far, I would say the book is offering something that I personally have not seen discussed in detail elsewhere. For that reason, I find it intriguing and am considering buying the book.



Great to hear Tarnation. Dr. Anthony has a chapter early on that focuses on breathing exercises, meditation and memory. I am personally trying what he recommends and it helps me reduce anxiousness and anxiety. If someone can’t find something useful to implement into their own practice from this book I would be shocked. I would encourage anyone who is interested to read the summary from Amazon. Here is the link.