New Anki decks

I’ve got a new Anki deck with images now, in an attempt to minimise subvocalizing. It even shows the link between the original images and their shadows. I haven’t trained cards at all since the French championships. I started again this week after having collected most of my 1400 images and this approach seems to work well. More updates on this soon :slight_smile:

Edit 1: I finally tried a few visualization runs on memocamp (i.e. moving on to the next pair of cards right after the image shows up in my head, but not trying to link to the locus or other images). Before the championships I was stuck right over 30s, which means that I wasn’t ready for actual Speed Cards scores in the thirties. But now I’ve reached sub-30 in 7 out of ten attempts. The failed attempts corresponding to images that I haven’t studied since I started reviewing my Anki deck this week. This is promising :slight_smile: