Neurology memory palace

Sorry for my rusty english :upside_down_face:

Im kinda new but old member. i read your post’s mostly.

im starting jurney with memory and i already have some doubts.
To make all story short. Im Polish but after learning Italian for seven years i began new colleage, and now i kinda have to learn things verbatim (i understand meaning of everything but learning extra synonyms would mean more things to remember)
I use The sims as my palace to connect informations. I use acronyms or if it is a text im pulling out 1 or 2 words from every sentens (conect the words with link method) and im trying to remember it all useing only those words.

My questions are
can i link all chunk of text under one loci (one chunk have most of the times 4-5 sentences) ?
or it is better if every word have his own loci? (if so all map in the sims si not enough for all neuro :dizzy_face: )

any suggestions ?

Sorry again for my english :slight_smile:

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Please have a look, :flushed:
My Blueprint for Visualizations.

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Thx, really good idea