Nerds of a feather...

Anyone else here start playing bridge before the age of 60? No, really?

I’m amazed to find other people who are interested in the exact things I’m interest in. I’ve read books on memory, speed math and speed reading. I didn’t really see these interests as necessarily connected, but they must be because those are the topics here that others are interested in. In college I didn’t take classes on “boring” languages like Spanish and French; instead I took Mandarin Chinese and Choctaw. I taught myself Braille, dabbled in Morse Code and started playing bridge at 25. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have done similar things. When I learn something new, I can’t just take it for what it’s worth; I have to immediately see if I can “improve” it. Only one week after I learned PAO–which was two weeks ago–I wondered if it could reasonably be expanded to HBAO (Head-Body Action Object). Who wouldn’t remember Marge Simpson’s head on Batman’s body punching a severed head!

Has anyone else solved a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds? There has to be at least one other person here who has if not everyone here. I learned the Method of Loci a few years ago when learning to solve the cube blindfolded. Anyone else use the Dvorak keyboard just because you wanted something else to learn?

Even though I was never really aware of the fact, all of these interests are definitely connected. Nerds of a feather memorize together.

Josh Price

Welcome to the site!

I have a Dvorak right-hand keyboard layout. It has been a very interesting brain-hacking experience switching over. :slight_smile:

I think memory techniques are still underground, so the people who find them tend to be people who like to experiment with interesting things.

I heard about blindfolded Rubik’s Cube, but don’t know the technique. Do you encode images in the loci?

I had a separate image for each piece, except for the middle ones that never move, of course. While looking at the cube, I would place each image in the corresponding loci. Then, when blindfolded, I would switch the images around to mirror the moves I would make. When the images were in the loci they belonged to the cube was solved.

Hi !! Your are a super speedcuber !!! I just Sub 40 CFOP :frowning: I am a puzzle solver like SuperAntoniovivaldi though. My bld are max slow . My best is 12 minutes !!! :((((( I don’t know what the method that i am using called because i think it out my self which use setups that i think myself and T perm and solve corner first and edges final, and i asociate the position of the cubies to numbers and use its images.

Hi guys,

I also tried to learn some Japanese, braille & morse, speed math. Not a dvorak user, but a French version (
I have already look bridge, but was not attracted by it.
My PAO system is done with categories and I use it to (try to) memorize number, cards & cube (so, not using Speffz notation).
My pb is sub30, but I average ~40. After CFOP, Heise, Petrus, I now use the Roux Method. So much fun.

I think it’s like old Pochmann (OP) T perm for edges, Y for corners. I started with that and now I’m using OP for corners, M2 for edges. My PB is now 6:20. (I am not practising very much though…)