Nelson Dellis Memory Training...Worth it or not?

Hi all,

N.D. is offering memory training at a $497…last I knew…maybe he changed the price

He is also a 4 time WMC

Any insights would be helpful!

His book is about enough. Buy the book, study it.

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Right on


Short answer is if you can afford it go for it.


Nelson Dellis is a memory champion as we know from records. That tells us his level in the skill. Now whether he is good enough to teach us can be validated from all his youtube videos as he has made many videos available on his channel

Why join live class?

All the information about memory skills is available in this forum and many books published by many memory enthusiasts. Even after that live class has its own place as the participants can ask live questions and the teacher can tailor the material for the participants.

All the information in world is available openly now a days still we need school and colleges because we learn better with guidance from a live teacher. Learning on your own is a path available to everyone, still people join classes just because every teacher has a different perspective on the material as well as we never know what way will be better for us to learn. This is why if you are interested in learning from Nelson Dellis and if you can afford the course, my recommendation will be to join the class.


I have not attended any course from Nelson Dellis. I have seen his videos on Youtube which helped me understand his way of applying the memory skills and many things were different than how I used to do them and hence worth learning. I have watched live sessions delivered by Anthony Metvier. My experience of live session is about learning the way they show how they apply the techniques. That provides us a different working perspective of the skills and we can pick and choose many tips from their experience.


Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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I asked Nelson Dellis on in IG for which kind of public is the course, he told me that it’s for beginners.

If you are here, I guess you’re not fully a beginner. I think it’s more axed for people who are not familiar at all with memory techniques and will discover them with his course.

Must be a great course because Nelson is such a good professor, I love his youtube channel I learnt a lot but I’m not sure you’ll learn THAT much.

If you have money to spend and it doesn’t change much for you, go for it. But if it’s a bigger decision, maybe re consider it

Here’s my opinion :slight_smile: