Negative Numbers: Memory Techniques

Dear Community
I want to memorize negative numbers due to its convenience in the context of math equations and other number metrics that rely on the negative number scale for measurements (temperature, historical dates etc)
Does anyone know of such technologies used by the best within the memory faculty?
My thoughts on the matter so far has been:
Adding a certain object to the number, that represents a minus sign.
I’d love to hear what you think!
Best, Magnus


That seems to be what most people would think of I would assume. A certain object might represent -, while a second object might be + if you want to disambiguate clearly.


I’ve come up with an idea in the meantime. I change the setting of my imagination to be below -0 degrees celsius, so say in the use of PAO I imagine Tiger Woods (Person) hitting (Action) a golf ball (object). A positive number would be a temperature setting above 0 degrees celcius. A negative number would be a setting in which the temperature would be below 0 degrees and hence I would imagine him freezing while hitting the golf ball. I have not come around any information covering the topic of memorizing negative numbers so I hope this idea helps. I will be using it moving forward on my memory journey.