Need to find a good source to find videos + their transcriptions

Hello guys. I need to find a source to find videos that contain the text respective to their audios. My goal is to accelerate videos as quick as possible and follow the audio reading the text, in order to increase my reading speed. Does it works at all?

I don’t know if that technique will work, but Coursera and edX provide lectures with transcriptions.

Actually, you can often get transcriptions with Youtube videos. I only realized it about a month ago. When you are signed into Youtube and watching a video, assuming you are not in full screen mode, you should see 3 dots just to the bottom right of the video.

Click on the 3 dots and a drop down should appear. Often there is an option to see the transcript. (It’s not always there. I am not sure yet why it’s only available some of the time.) Anyway, if you turn it on while you watch the video, the transcripts will open a new pane to the right side of the screen and you can follow the conversation in the transcripts.

Hope this is clear. And helpful.



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Yeah. I know that feature. However the maximum speed a video can have is 2x. I think that using voice translator could be a solution for this while.

There are chrome and firefox plugins that let you set a custom playback speed. I regularly watch videos at 2.5-3x.

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Yeah cowboy I downloaded it!