Need some advise (Running Memory Span)

(Hju) #1

Hello everyone, I need some adsive about this test “Running Memory Span”
Here is a example test and short definition before you start:

"Running Memory Span Test addresses your short-term memory by a reverse readback approach. You have to memorize numerical sequences and reproduce them in reverse order.

RMS will introduce sequences of one-digit numbers of different lengths acoustically and require you to recall as many digits of the current numerical sequence in reverse order(beginning with the last) then."

I’m trying to use 0-99 peg list + loci but i m failing to use it. I can not recall the images that fast and places are getting mixed up. When i try to recall acoustically most of the time i can not go above 4 or 5 digits and 1,5 and 9 getting mixed up easly.

Can you give me any adsive for recalling 5 to 8 digits on average, for 23 tasks.
It’s getting faster like this one.

(Nicholas Mihaila) #2

It sounds like you need to improve your image recognition speed. This basically just comes with practice. The hard part, of course, is going from one image to the next. As soon as the second digit is reached you need to elicit the image, place it in a locus, and then be ready for the next digit. It’s possible to improve by learning all phonetic-visual associations very well and getting very proficient at placing images along your journey.

My system is still relatively new, so there’s quite a bit of variance in the time it takes me to elicit images, but I know there are some images I can elicit pretty much instantaneously. Based off what I tried, it’s definitely manageable. The problem is that if you don’t have this proficiency level with all digits (pairs, in your case), then one little hiccup will derail everything. Once you successfully place the images along your journey though, recalling them in reverse order (or reverse alternating order, or any order at all) should be pretty easy.