Need helps


I am a first semester college student.I have been here for just 1 month.So I am very frightful and worried to participate in the competition that done in our college.

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Hello, and welcome to Art of Memory forums! I understand how intimidating it can be as a first semester college student. You’re going to do great! I would maybe hold off on participating in any competitions for the first semester. It’s usually a better idea to get settled in, meet people, and get used to your class schedule. But if you really want to, one service that I know about that is helpful for writing is Grammarly. It is a writing tool which teaches you the fundamentals of writing. I’m sure that there are even posts on this website about how to write more effectively. Hope that helps and good luck!


(Noel Hammett) #3

People have the idea that writing is all about learning how to spell and use grammar and diction and work choices. This is absurd. You need to have a well developed knowledge base if you want to have better things to write about. While you were in college I would just look at your first semester as military basic training and to just let your ego die. I would devote the next few years to just building up your skills. After all, that is the point of college and then hopefully in a few years you will be able to really hit off your essays with ease and to win.

Hope that helps,

Noel Hammett.