Need explanation for this quote

Can someone explain what these 2 quote means … Interested in an interpretation … Thank you.

  1. “Warriors do not reveal their hearts until their sword reveals it”

  2. “Burning slow because I let it go
    the unselfish darkness devours within me,
    for a promise ‘not to come back’
    my pain paints pictures.”

Quotes often vary in meaning to the individual but my take would be:

A true warriors will to fight implies that solely when it is time to place what they consist of ~ the sword or life line all the skills they have developed until now it is only there and then when you truly find what they are; what they heart is. It is precisely to say that the sword is a reflection of their entire life they have as warriors poured in all their effort into refining their techniques or becoming better at wielding this sword. As such what they are is one with the sword, if they are without it you are not really seeing their true self. Is what I would interpret this as. However the part of ‘until their sword reveals it’ indicates the actual act of displaying their everything with the sword. “All is an act until the sword is unsheathe; there are no lies in the dedication poured into your blade”. Is kind of what I would say provides similar meaning, keeping in mind that sword can refer to yourself as a sword or your actions, not every warrior fights with a sword but this would still apply to them (as an example).

This can be described as an end of sorts. In short the slow burning refers to a gradual end out of the lack of the darkness (normally such quotes indicate abundance of darkness rather than lack of but this seems to indicate this). A darkness which is not filled with greed but greatly so with appreciation. This darkness then eradicates itself from within with the message that it would not return. Such a thing causes great grief and loss but also this loss paints pictures in the form of pain, pictures that display the entirety perhaps a beauty.

Now I actually think what the quote was trying to say was more along the lines of :
because I no longer have made attempt to contain it my darkness inside is running loose. As such this same darkness is devouring me on the inside all for the promise of not returning to the way things used to be, the pain I feel paints pictures that but attempt to display the entirety.
Pictures say more than a 1000 words-> they can at times tell an entire story , when you apply this to the above it adds more weight to it.

The reason I say actually think after I have given my previous explanation is because this ‘feels’ more natural to the quotes but its not a direct output as much as my previous statement was. The second is a lot more holistic.

Which all overall provides more reason as to why quotes are interpreted differently.

Quotes often do not mean literal things, they are more akin to playing video games to learn physics, you are interested in properties which are similar , you are free in what you do , you deduce through associations,abstraction,even overlapping regions and gaps even at times your own bias.


Thank you.

I am remembering the instruction of many years ago in Jiujitsu. My instructor taught us “do not anticipate your attacker!” He explained that if we anticipate one mode of attack and tighten muscles in anticipation of a defense to what we anticipate, we lose time if we then must relax those muscles before we can execute a defense against an entirely different actual attack. We were instructed in a way that we learned a sort of meditation to see our surroundings without predicting what would happen next. By learning much and keeping calm and not having tense muscles, we were ready without knowing we were ready. This sounds confusing until I give an example, of me being the warrior not revealing my warrior nature until I found myself preventing a street brawl.

Two years ago, I was walking on the sidewalk downtown on a sunny day. Me with gray hair, sunglasses, flat sensible shoes, a clutch purse in my right hand, and wearing a flower-print dress. From the edge of vision, I saw two young men nearing to pass on my left coming in my direction on the same sidewalk. One of them changed direction, angling toward me, causing me to go into an unnaturally calm mental state (reflexively). He jumped, launched himself in the air across the sidewalk as if to body-slam me over the curb into the street. I reflexively pivoted into a learned stance while raising my left arm into an arm-bar blocking position catching him square in his center-of-gravity. My sensei would have been pleased to see lessons remembered by one of his students. I found my mind clear of thoughts as I waited to discover what my opponent would next do. If he moved his center of gravity any direction except away from me, it would have been “ugly.” He rocked back, raised his hands in surrender, walked backwards from me towards his friend, then I (still silent) pivoted back into walking the way I’d been walking. I thought I heard his friend laugh at him.

Warriors are different from fighters. I did not exactly fight, but my experience revealed to me and to my attacker that I have the heart of a warrior.

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