Need an IPA Translator (German mostly)

Hey, sorry if this is already a topic somewhere but I couldn’t find one that properly had an answer. I’m looking for a way to translate a list of around 2000 words from German in its normal writing into the IPA (International phonetic alphabet). I have found a few books that have all the German words in IPA but there are around 500,000 words so it’s not very useful unless I wanted to find each word one by one. Any help with this would be really appreciated, even if someone could link me to a short dictionary that had IPA in it (around 5000 words). I’m thinking of a pretty massive project and this seems like it would be pretty necessary to pull it off. I’ve been searching everywhere for something like this and it’s so hard to find, why do loads of language learning people always rave about the IPA even though it’s so hard to get a massive group translations? I guess most people learn words one by one but where is the fun in that aye?

Look up the words on Wiktionary - most entries have an IPA transcription there. Here’s an example from the German Wiktionary.

Yeah this is useful but it’s just too time consuming as a method doing it one by one, trying to get a way to translate all of them straight away, surely if people want this to be adopted so badly there would be some sort of way to easily translate your text automatically? Seems odd how hard I’m finding this

Try this?