Need advice on organizing loci

Hi, I am a beginner struggling to understand some of the details of loci. In the Ad Herinnium, it talks about ordering loci (or locations) to keep track of them and to get better at pulling from them. My question is how more experienced mnemonists go about organizing/ordering them, or if they do at all. Also, should I use the same locations more than once? Do people create a loci to keep track of their loci? It seems like it would become very confusing, if I were creating many loci, to also organize them. I read one mnemonist alphabetized his loci and I have no idea how I would go about that.

Usually this implies: set orders, set quantities and set locations, particularly on the location. You could always have 4 objects north,south,west,east of a room and go clock-ways to retrieve those objects. Rather than having 1-6 objects in random locations in every image.

I prefer to keep mine a bit random but have them in order from left to right and always in chunks of 3.

It’s not absolutely essential but will help you.

Should I use the same locations more than once? I would only reuse it if you have forgotten the information you have encoded into it in the first place, but its not a good idea to reuse them. This can cause your old images to come back up and you may confuse/overwrite your information.

This is one way but just having set objects and or locations of objects prevents you having to do this.

Alphabetic ordering essentially. It really depends on what you are encoding but the easiest example would be vocabulary. You would be able to create either certain properties that always contain words with A or you would make a certain palace and only extend that palace for words with A so you never have to deal with a word with B when trying to remember,encode or deal with a word starting with A.

It’s essentially just a set of organizational tips, that may make things easier and particularly come in handy when you have many locations, especially have to encode many loci into locations at a time.

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To be honest, I’m a bit confused by the question.

Locations where images are stored are typically meant to be in so-called memory palaces—homes, buildings, neighborhoods, parks, and other real-world locations you know well. The idea is that as you walk through this familiar space, your images will automatically be triggered. So I don’t understand the idea that there needs to be any kind of “ordering” to a space—and a journey—that is already ordered.

Unless the question is really: “How do you make your way through a space consistently every time you mentally visit.” If that is, indeed, your question, I’d recommend just focusing on the points of interest in the space that first jump out to you when memorizing. Those will likely be the ones you will immediately see in your mind’s eye as you review your information. I also highly recommend keeping a complete written record of all of your memory journeys, images and all; doing so will help to ingrain your journey and locations. (It will also be helpful if you ever need a refresher.)

As many here have recommended—and as the author of the Ad Herennium also recommends—it can be helpful to distinguish every fifth location in some way. That way, you’ll know right away that you’ve overlooked a location if you get to a “fifth” spot before you should.


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I have to scan a space systematically otherwise I miss things. When I leave the house I have to go sequentially through a list, otherwise I’ll be driving home for something.

I organize my memory palaces as a linked list - as a journey. After using for a while, I can go directly to the room I need, but if I need to check something it has to be systematic and sequential. I think that fits with my narrative way of thinking.

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