Need advice and suggestions for upcoming Big Test

Hey guys I want to let you know that a a national level competition/exam is to be held 150 days from now.

I have been preparing for it for the past 2 years, The exam is similar to MCAT. This exam will decide whether I will get into Medical college(My goal) or not

At the last and crucial stage I want you guys to give me advice and suggestions (Any help is appreciated) for what things I should do and what not.

I have started using flashcards(Anki) and some other memory tools for revising the stuff.

Memory tools are effective as it is an Mcq test.

The subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

I hope you all will help me with your experience and give me some advice.


You can do learning everyday, do some test yourself, do Pomodoro
Praying, make memory palace
Make some noises with you teaching yourself
Make some noises with your pen solving problem
Talking to older asking advice


Great! Don’t forget to post whatever blocage with whatever material here so the members can add their ideas their ways to specific examples.

Yeah Sure, thanks for your suggestion :smiley::smiley:.

Here’s my few cents:

Since you’ve been preparing for it for the past two years, you most likely already have tons of information in your head. You can focus on your test taking skills.

First you have to establish a baseline data/score of an actual exam, if you haven’t yet.

  • Take the exam similar to the one you are taking, there are probably sample test around the internet. Same time as your actual test if possible, if your schedule is from 1-5pm then do it around that time.
  • If each set of exam is an hour give yourself an only an hour.

Once you established your baseline you can either add exam questions or shorten your time to add more pressure and get used to it. The idea here is to get your brain used to processing information at a higher rate. Once you get used to, let’s say 100 questions in 45 minutes, and the actual exam gives you an hour for the same items, you’ll have plenty of time to calm yourself down, relax, and double check your work.

You can also then monitor where you often make mistakes and find out why you are making them. You can then practice more of the same type of questions.

Also get yourself familiar with the different types of questions and how to tackle each of them. Also, know the keywords to look out for.

Test taking is a skill. You need to get used to it by practicing regularly.

If you do not have a system or a study schedule yet, have one. Be methodical about it and stick to it. Chart your week, what do you plan to do each day, each hour. Make room for play and relaxation. You can watch documentaries or videos that are related to physics, biology, and chemistry for your break time to maximize your learning time.

Track your progress. It will help you tell where to put your efforts in.

You can also teach what you learn, to someone else or thing, it will help you make connections between different thoughts and ideas together.

That’s it. The more you practice, the luckier you get.



I will definitely try it, I love this idea of time shortening, never thought of this before. Greatly appreciate it​:+1::+1: