Natural world

I’m very interested in nature and I’m studying a bachelors degree in this subject.
I’ve read literally dozens of memory books (Moonwalking, Buzan, etc) because I really want to master the skills of taking the most out of my memory in general, but also for learning about the natural world and making nature-connections.

Right now, I learn my study-books by reading them, trying to understand them, then doing the exam, and then forgetting 99% of what I just learned, although my results aren’t too bad, around 65%. I probably should relearn it, but hardly find the time to do so :-s

I’d like to learn a system or method to have a huge memory palace with the whole natural world, with subdivisions: how the earth is build up, soil chemic’s, soil fysics, soil biology, humus formation, fertilization, plants: learning hundreds of plants families and thousands of plants (which I already did for a part but already forgotten huge amounts of it), weather impact on plants, recognizing plants, plant connections, plant chemic’s,…

I fear that me having not enough self-discipline might be the problem, would it be good to have an external memory coach, or should I learn to coach myself? If yes, which one of the dozen books/methods/video’s should I use? I’m a bit lost and don’t know where to start. Thank you very much for your input, every help is appreciated.

All the best and thanks :slight_smile:


You might like Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly – it has some great examples of memorizing birds and other practical knowledge, using memory techniques from oral cultures.

You might want to also check out our free ebook and the how to learn memory techniques resources.

Make the project smaller to begin with, then you’ll be more motivated to get started. Resolve to add 10 things to your memory palace per week.

This is the principle of reducing the size of the task until there is no resistance to doing it. If you want to floss your teeth regularly then resolve to floss only the front two. Then flossing will seem less of a burden and a habit will form. See the book Mini-Habits for more info.

The best way to learn about memory palaces is to start using them. Start with one small one and then grow from there.