National Team Match (Algeria Vs Egypt)

2020-07-29T19:00:00Z On this Time

A National Team Game in Memory League Will play

And it will be Live on Facebook Pages:-

And My Youtube Channel:-

The Match will Be Between Abdelraman & Haroune From Algeria Against Mohamed Ramadan & Rowaa From Egypt

10 Games
Every Player will play from 4 to Five Games
At The begin of The Match
I will tru The coin to decide who start chose first
Then will start the games After 5 Games There is a break for 5 Min
and Back to Continue the games

If The Score 5-5 … It Depends to Each leader of the team if they want to in it up draw or chose a tie breaker

Stay Tune


Good luck every one

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@mohamedhichem many thanx bro and still waiting the match

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  1. Team A chooses the discipline and delegates a participant
  2. Team B delegate sportsman who will play against participant from team A
  3. Team B choose the discipline and delegate a participant
  4. Team A delegate sportsman who will play against participant from team B
  5. Repeat item 1-4 four more times
    a) Every discipline is played no more than 2 times.
    b) Each participant plays no more than 5 times.
    c) If a team chooses discipline twice it can`t delegate the same participant.
    d) The match begins by drawing to determine who will start the selection.
    e) The match consists of 10 discipline (Numbers - Words - Cards - Images - Names=int Names).