Names & faces (I SUCK)


Hey guys,

I’ve chosen to focus on one skill at a time until I get proficient at it and then just maintain it and move on to a next area of memory.

For me, names and faces have been the most challenging AND it would be the most rewarding.

I’m practicing daily and honestly I don’t really see much improvement.

Can anyone help? What am I doing incorrectly?

Also, even if I remember a name after I speak to someone, after a few days, or weeks, its gone.

Its really frustrating.


Probably you need to recall name-face connection from your memory more often than you do now. It is hard to tell because you gave no details. Which technique do you use to remember name an how often do you recall connection face-name that you have already learned?


Well I try to find something unique about their face, then associate their name to something and attach it to their face. Almost never works unless the association is really strong.


I Try to associate their name to something familiar then link that person in that place and create a graphic image or story.
That seems to work better but when playing the names & faces game in memory league I can’t make these images or movies quick enough to keep up.

I practice everyday and i haven’t really seen any improvements to be honest.


Did you see , ron white?
The key is to have a basic meaning of different names, then you link it to the face.
The idea is the same as remembering numbers. The only difference is an additional information related to the face is required.

Hope that helps.


Names and faces are quite difficult because human faces are simmilar so it is hard to find something which is unique enough. I try to make my conections very dynamic, so something is getting bigger and explode, something is being smashed by something else etc. It helps me to find what is unique enough, when I see round head it is perfect for explosion, bigger ears are ideal for wings to let face fly. To be honest I don’t try to find something special, I just let my imagination work. Another thing is that everyone is different and his/her memory works in different way, it is easy for me to memorize dynamic paterns but I struggling to memorize colours. In your case it might be opposite so you need to find your own way.


I have been putting names/faces of my students and fellow faculty members (I’m a new professor after thirty years of practicing Pathology) into Anki and putting my mnemonic clues in a field in the notes. I’m slowly getting better. I think one thing that mnemonists don’t really write much about with names/faces is review. Our brains forget what we don’t review!