My youtube videos

don’t exist yet. But I want to make some, and I’ll even try to show some personality as far as that is possible.

After some momentum, there will be plenty of requests in the comment section to keep me going.

But for now, I need suggestions from you. What would you like to see, or what do you think other people might like to see?

Shadow system is not a very good start, imo. Three 20 minute vids filled with jargon that many people may not even understand…I’ll put it in the cue, but it’s not a strong start.

What a misleading title.

I’d be interested in seeing a detailed Shadow System walkthrough at some point. :slight_smile:

An analysis of different systems from your perspective would be interesting as well.

Well let’s think long term here, Mars. It’s only misleading until I put up the videos. Thanks for your help on that by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to try putting my responses to the 3 posts below up here because I keep getting blocked when trying to post from the bottom.

Funny post Tammish xD

Not totally sure I know exactly what you mean by “great friends or great enemies,” but you are right, I should be very careful what I say in videos that are to be geared toward anyone and everyone who wants to see it. I won’t talk about Trump’s “hair” or anything like that.

Thanks for these thoughtful replies. It’s a good start, and there’s a lot here to think about already.

It looks like a lot of what yall are saying is based on target audience. I have something to say about everything relating to memory techniques. What I don’t know, I can speculate about for a very long time. You can easily see the majority of the text I’ve put out onto this site is just speculation.

Not having an answer to the “target audience” question may be the reason I made this thread. I just want to make videos for whoever wants to see them most, about whatever they want to see most. Profiting would be good, there is a lot that stems from the kind of exposure that comes with the number of views you need to monetize videos on youtube. But you won’t see me exaggerating the capacities of memory techniques. If I could say for instance, “with 15 minutes of daily training, you could memorize random digits 50 times more effectively than you can today within one year,” exaggeration doesn’t seem necessary here. If exaggeration were necessary, it’d be a product I wouldn’t sell. I get the impression that was just tongue-in-cheek humor from Tammish though, quite funny whether intentional or not. :slight_smile:

And though we don’t talk about it much, I believe that mnemonics can be adapted to any memory problem. It doesn’t require entirely new invention, just re-engineering. Thanks for the jumpstart yall, I’m going to reread this and see if something thoughtful emerges.

Any more suggestions of any kind will be greatly appreciated.

I guess the first question would be, who do you want to aim these videos at - people who’ve never investigated mnemonic techniques, people just starting to study these methods, or experienced mental athletes? Your videos would be pretty different depending on your audience. Ron White and Luis Angel have great videos aimed at the first group. Luis and Alex Mullen have videos sort of aimed at the second group. There are some great interviews out there aimed at the third group. I personally would love to see some videos that sort of take you inside the life of a mental athlete, showing some of the nuts and bolts of the competitions and your preparations for them. Maybe share your excitement of your successes, and maybe disappointments as well.

There is already quite a lot of videos/information on actual memory systems and how these can be used in a competitive nature. However, there aren’t many on how they can be used in commonplace. For example, it would be interesting to see videos on how these can be used to study certain subjects such as chemistry (memorising common equations/compounds) or mathematics (formulas/theorems) or how they could also be used to to memorise short stories/poetry/events/etc.

Like tracym put, I think your objectives towards your videos will dictate the best answers for your original questions.

For instance, if you want to (eventually) turn those videos into a profit-making business, you should gear them towards the completely ignorant and, most importantly, exaggerate the benefits of memory training (if that’s even possible) and the easiness with which one attains a great memory. You should also fill your videos with cliché exhortations such as “Pass all the exams you want!” or “Remember everything in 30 days of training!”. But I know nothing about profit-making businesses, so I should just shut up.

With respect to my own wants, I would appreciate very much if you could take your “Lance’s Training Records” and squeeze out all the gems about memory training that are found there. Every now and then I read a few posts there and, whenever I can figure out exactly what you are saying (have in mind English is not my native language) and decode the jargon, I always profit a lot. I think you have a great approach towards training (not mentioning your impressive determination) and you have a lot to teach about it. If there is any profitable market in there (I mean to teach aspiring mental athletes) I have no idea. But if you can maybe turn some techniques you use into more day-to-day routines the common folk can apply, maybe there is a market.

As far as your intention to “show some personality” is concerned, I would be careful. You seem to be the kind of person that, like me, either makes great friends or great enemies. I am not sure if that’s the best personality to show for business. But, again, I know nothing about businesses and I only care about the opinions of others if I can be myself and still receive some feedback – even if a bad one.


Lance, I’d feel bad giving you so much work if you weren’t asking for it! Glutton for Punishment?! I’m joking of course. I know you’re a natural learner who finds joy in the art of teaching . Here are some idea’s:

  1. A highly opinionated video about spaced repetition (SR). I don’t want a video describing “this is SR and here are some facts”. I’d down vote that stuff because it’s already on Wikipedia. I want to hear your biased ideas and “speculation”. They’re more valuable. This is also a subject that could make a few video’s. Spaced Repetition is a serious factor in Memory Sport performance and learning. It’s also seriously overlooked on this website. For example,

    1. training 30min/day > training 10hrs/Sunday
    2. How review strategies make or break people in longer events.
      3)For long term memory, what’s your system for retesting yourself and reviewing. For example, first reading, review before bed, next morning, the night 1 day afterward, 1 week later, end of the month, few months until it’s solid. Do you have a system like that or maybe some anecdotal evidence of what works.?
  2. “Lance’s Analytical toolbox” - You have a very analytical mind and you get things done. I know you’ve run into some projects that failed and you kept trying until you learned the shadow system. Some of your tricks for learning your images are novel. For example, I remember you telling me how you put your 1000 image list as 10 images/loci arranged like a number pad until you knew them completely. This also relates to the SR thing. How long did it take before you didn’t need these side locations or it wasn’t helpful. Frankly, any video from you in the form “I’ve been trying x and it wasn’t working well so I switched to y and It works much better. Maybe z is also good” would be pure gold.

  3. A review of a book that greatly influenced you or maybe your training.

What a response, Arrick. Direct and specific…really good stuff.

I could make a library of videos about ideas I’ve tried that didn’t pan out :slight_smile:

Have you been training since we last spoke, and what do you think about competing this year?

I have not been training consistently or seriously since we last spoke. I have been doing a couple decks of cards some days, sometimes I don’t. I think almost anyone at a competition could wipe the floor with me now. I’m not particularly proud of that, but I also don’t “really” want to put the time in right now.

Anyway, Memory isn’t a sport that you can just quit. I’ve tried. Unlike other sports, you can’t hang up the bike or sell the guitar. I still have all of my phone numbers memorized. I still know how to remember people’s names. If I’m interested, I still occasionally read things from this site like yesterday. I still try to find ways to use the techniques for things that I do.

I also went back to College this semester after a long absence and I feel very rusty. I don’t like that at all. I’m documenting what stuck and what didn’t while practicing to get better. I feel like I should always either be studying or working with a couple sanity checks built in so I don’t burnout. That’s my life nowadays.

BTW, Congrats on your Spoken Numbers World Record.

Hi Lance
videos are a great idea - ‘memorising at speed’ is one that I think would be really useful, for both beginners, and more advanced memorisers, and where I suspect you’ve got plenty of good, road- tested advice to pass on. You, and others, have stressed the value of practicing at a pace way beyond what is comfortable/normal for you, as a way of improving, honing and grooving a system, and ironing out glitches. Not as the only way to practice, but as an important tool in the box. How can you do this best, and what specific approaches work? For example, for cards, for someone who has a system of loci and images which are pretty well grooved, is there any value in practicing at world record pace or quicker, even if you only memorise, say, 10 cards out of 52 to begin with? Compared to memorising more slowly, what are the differences (less clear images at speed?)
Your ‘A new 2 card system’ thread is one that I keep coming back to and re-reading. So much food for thought and ideas in there, from you and others, which I’m finding really useful in thinking about what I wan to do to improve my memorising - cheers

Thanks Arrick! “Sanity decks,” haha…that’s good.

Thanks for dropping in Chris. One thing I fear which I am trying to use this preparation to totally avoid is making 100 videos over 70 topics, with about 3-8 topics discussed in each video. I’ll say “Well - ok hold on first in order to really get what I’m saying here we’ve got to back up a little and talk about ‘x’…”
And it will keep happening – I’m not going to run out of things to say. And I know that removing that sort of unfocused talk is what the editing software’s for when it comes to youtube videos - but I won’t want to remove any of it, since it will be relevant. When I wonder about how a video comparing methods should go, I quickly see that it shouldn’t exist at all. Each method deserves a separate analysis. But should I be expected to analyze all aspects of PAO in just one video? My only hope is to zero in real tight.

“At-speed,” under the umbrella of “pace.”
Hmm, maybe I should just start a separate youtube channel for videos about "pace"

I typed at Katie Kermode for about an hour this morning about the importance of pace in Historic Dates and how it should be handled and why. She’s very patient.

And about an hour ago I was talking with Marwin about ways to train to keep the pace required to memorize 40 decks in an hour given 10 months to work on it. I look at pace in my own training every single day and ask myself what I may be doing wrong. The topic never escapes my attention for long.

Thank you for the suggestion Chris and consider it “taken.” It might be easier for me to record several videos like this for the different disciplines so I have a little room to “spread out.” I still don’t have video editing software nor do I know how to use any, but the process is in motion and a response to this will be among the first things I put out there.

I could walk you through the palace in which I set the Spoken WR.

Step by step - it should be easy for you to recreate and use for yourselves.

That would be great right? Then all of you will get world records too!

I’ll ask for the middle ground. There is no shortage of introductory material and there are a fair number of presentations on championship results but there isn’t much on the intermediate process of getting from A to B. I suppose that this is because of the many that start, most quit after a few weeks. And possibly because practice is boring when compared to performance. However training advice; structure, drills, efficient scheduling, measurement, psychological aspects would all be appreciated… and to my knowledge are not readily available.

Hi Lance …
I’m not sure that I have many Ideas for you butt…
Just one Question ? … HOW did You ■■■■■■■ do THAT WITH SPK NUMBERS ?

and thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for providing truly an informative knowledge. I am glad to know about it.