My typing training

Hi everyone,

Well, I never use keyboard before in my life and In recent days my interest going in typing.
So, yesterday I started typing as my first day learning.

Well, I have no pc, I have keyboard per day for 1 hour (and I am doing this by attaching phone to keyboard).

First Day - My first attempt - 7wpm.
After 4 - 5 attempt - average 15 wpm.

And after doing typing whole 1 hour - I got this - 28 wpm (I know it’s slowest speed for you, but for me currently it’s look like super speed, haha)
Lol, I was too happy just with 28 wpm when I got that first time.

First day - 28 wpm

  • 112 cpm
  • 100% accuracy
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That’s a great score for a first day. :slight_smile:

Second Day -

32 wpm (wowww :star_struck:)
136 cpm
100% accuracy

Still average speed is 25 wpm, I got that 32 only 1 time today. I guess maybe I was lucky that time.

Currently the most difficult part for me is Backspace button.
I feeling too annoying with backspace button, my time wasted in clicking many times backspace button.

Is here anyone, who can give me some tips for backspace button.

Currently, I am doing touch typing. well still I am typing while looking on keyboard, I need some practice to not look on keyboard.

Edit : I need to do 60 wpm in under 1 month. (If possible 100 wpm in under 1 month).
I am really dedicating to it. And for some reason I have to do 60 - 100 wpm in under 1 month.

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Yeah… suspicious. He should really tell us which website he’s using, to clear up any discrepancy with WPM to CPM (1:4 or 1:4.25?)

Yeahh, sorry for late reply.
Don’t feel doubt , hahaha

It’s Just my personal scores (training journal), I thought like to share if anyone feeling suspicious.
Maybe I guess next time I have not to make topic like this (ahahaha, how can I forgot here Everyone needs proof)

Wait, I am searching a screenshot in my phone.

This topic is fine… I like the idea of it. But it’s just odd that the WPM to CPM ratio doesn’t seem to be consistent

Here is it.

Alright, now I find a new website after watching YouTube video. I guess that’s good website (most of the people using this too).

From today - typing training at 10 fast finger website.

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Ok. Well done :grinning:

I will remove this chat after 30, 40 min
I just did in my second trial I got this in 10 fast finger website.

I didn’t did a single mistakes, but here spacebar button is too sensitive I guess, haha.
So unintentionally I pressed spacebar button little hard and word moved to next word.
Well I will overcome this issue after little bit of practice.

Third attempt - 27 wpm
Well, I find this website words are too easier than previous website words.

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It’s my final post in this topic here.
Because I guess I need to make my training scores personal from now on.

Now , let’s come to main topic .
Lol, :joy: I find in 10 fast finger we can type by phone too ( in previous website I can’t type with phone).

So I check my speed with phone, lol
My speed with phone a lot higher than keyboard speed, hahaha.

Edit : I take over the keyboard to it’s owner, now I can use that tommorow.

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