My sad story in League 12

My sad story in League 12

I was ready and motivated and I had 1 win and 2 draws

Until I got Covid 19
My family and I took great care for two years

But as Corona enters, it mutates into the city where I live

The situation in the city became extremely terrible

For many reasons

Terrible management

No valid vaccine

Poor medical staff to the point of injecting

It was a difficult time

Worse, most of the family members were infected

I eventually lost my parents, it was like a nightmare

Note: Iran is the only country that has banned the import of valid vaccines

What happened to me after that

My body was very weak and I still feel a little weak

I also had no motivation to compete

Now, after 40 days, I only registered in League 13 while I was not training

As long as my heart is with God, I will never give up

Life is hard at times and easy at times, but ultimately
By having a positive mind, you can get closer to your goals
Because what is important in achieving the goals is not the goal but the personality that we become

Becoming a person who does not give up easily


Do you do sports? Exercise can rebuild your body. I wish you stay healthy and I think your parents also want you to keep going.



thanks a lot

You wrote a meaningful sentence
It means not giving up and continuing

No matter how much we fail
What matters is how much we endure failure and keep going


you are my memory brother, Even Iran and Israel in a bad relationship I’m praying for you and your family. don’t worry if my regime will see this message it means nothing but I know your dark regime, so please don’t reply to my message because maybe your regime will say you are spying for Israel or something stupid like that. much love!