My problem is:how to learn to write English,

I dont know how to learn to write English,
I would like to receive tips for learn to write English
I would first like to learn Dolce said words, using mnemotehniks.

So how did you write these lines?

using googel transleter

I am askin for help,if is posebel

What is your native language?
Can you give some more background, so we can understand your problem and maybe help you?

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I theks you for your understanding,my native language is Albenien,an I spik weri well Enlish,but I am illiterate in English language,I tested the method with writin words meni tims ,but I dont have succeess.So I think that the mnemotechnique can helps to learned the foreign language to write(so I am askin for any tips),
once more thank you for the help.

Does this kind of editing help?

Thank you for understanding. My native language is Albanian and I speak English very well. But I don’t write English well. I tried writing words over and over, but it didn’t help. So I think memory techniques might help my writing. Once more thank you for the help.

and does this help:


There must be people in Albania that can help you write English, aren’t there?

Memory techniques might help if you have a book with exercises to practice on.

This is a good flashcard program that might help with spelling:

Have you tried any memory techniques yet?
Dominic O’Brien has a good audiobook called Quantum Memory Power which describes some mnemonic techniques. The book is spoken, so it might be easier than reading. You might be able to apply some of his ideas about creating mnemonic images to spelling and other writing-related things…

Ka asgjë të ndihmuar ju që ka qenë sugjeruar deri tani?

Zotri Dale , ju falimindeirit per mundin e juaj te me pershendetni ne gjuhen time,por une ende se kam gjetur menyre si te mesoj te shkruaj pa gabime gjuhen Anglishte

:slight_smile: Memory training won’t really help you that much. You just need to practice a lot and keep learning. Perhaps find a penpal.

I have just found very effective method. Go to find some English articles about topics you are interested in. Then grab pen and paper, and copy that text. After copying one article I really saw a difference. It’s crucial to write with hand, no to computers notepad. By writing with pen you concentrate more and at the same time you have to pay attention to writing. You can copy text to Google translator and check translation in your own language as well at the same time you write.

If you want to learn super-effectively, go to find English learning articles and copy them. Do this exercise until you feel confident enough to write your own text. Write to the Microsoft Word, or Google Doc (for grammar corrections), install Grammarly or ProWritingAid (for the same reason), and use Hemingway app. After correcting text with these apps you can send it to Usingenglish (dot) com writing and editing section for asking help to correct your text even better.

Hope this response helped.