My POA - Bollywood Actors

I have defined just person not yet edited the actions and obejcts ,

If any one can share your views I am tring to play it in my Head Please do share Your reviews

P.S. I dream that my POA would be shown on Wiki of Art of Memory Page(^_^)

Post your full system and we could link to it from the wiki. :slight_smile:

Please share full pao list
I want it from india

Start adding A-O to them and you’ll see if it works for you. For me personally, I only got Rani and Kajol in my system… there rest is American, Britisch, French, German, etc. actors or famous people. The more diversity the better if you ask me.

The problem is you might end up being stuck during recall on the person in that location and if the only thing you can remember about the scene is “something Bollywood” you are no closer to the answer. In my case I can now guess with a 50/50 chance if I really can’t recall the P anymore.

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