My PAO 00-99

For anyone who’s still having trouble creating their PAOs and also as self documentation:

Google Doc

This PAO is based off of:
Mainly: Tekken, Street Fighter, Avatar (Cartoon), South Park, Harry Potter, Personal Favourite Artists.

Also: A few Philosophers, A few mythological creatures, other cartoon characters.

I have requested access :slight_smile:

If you want people to be able to view without requiring access, you can use the share button, set it on “view” and copy that link.

If you have some things you would like feedback on, you can also set it to “comment”, which allows people to make notes and suggestions, but no changes

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I apologise for that, here’s the new link

What’s a PAO?

General PAO Chicken.

People on this site are fanatics about it.

Actually, PAO means:


It’s a handy way to organize mnemonics for numbers, for cards and for other purposes.

The idea is to have 3 pegs for the same thing, you can chunk your information by making a little sentence.

The following link should explain it: