My new memory palaces - Books, Games and Dreams


Hi, I’ll ad a little journal about what I’m planning to do this semester (I’m studying Pharmacy in the UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires). I’ll learn everything from 3 long and dense subjects (Toxicology, Pharmacy Law and Human Rights, Pharmaceutical Technology) and 2 short but dense subjects (Clinical Pharmacology, Community and Clinical Pharmacy). My goal is to get better grades with the following tips I’ve learned this month.

First, I learned that it’s hard for me to remember buildings, I sincerely don’t pay attention to my surroundings and don’t want to (I know, life sucks, grow up, etc.).
As bad as that could sound for someone using memory palaces, I still have a strong imagination, and that’s where I’ve been focusing lately. I can imagine stories I can recreate games, I can empty rooms and start adding the stuffs I want.
Although recycling rooms sounds like a bad idea (classrooms, hospitals, offices tend to be a copypaste of each other I’m not into tiny details but the general idea), one room becomes unique when there’s a story behind it (I know it’s obvious).

That’s why I’m playing games and reading books on my freetime, to use them as memory journeys. I can visualize what happens in the book, and I tend to admire games’ graphics and plot. And, it is fun!
The problem is I need to know something is going on on that certain place to have it into consideration.
There are buildings I’m saving for later (The Sims series has a lot of houses and comunity lots to be used and I can remember well, Dragon Age and Oblivion are also my favorite games).

But this time, I decided to use Life is Strange, it’ll work as I remember lively every plot, stage and character, where they live and what they were doing. Recreating the institute’s story gave me 4 rooms in 10 minutes.
So I could use all of the Life is strange 's scenes to store information from my 5 current subjects or use 4 different memory journeys (2 are too short).
I’ll decide that later.
I could connect some feelings to Misery by Stephen King (in which important rooms that could be linked on a journey are scarce), and in Oblivion I still need to connect.with it but it has plenty of rooms to store. It’d be worth a try. Mayb I willl use other books such as “Asfixia” and I still need to read Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours and a book called Purgatory, Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune (I bet that one room won’t be of real help but I’ll give it a try), Terapia (Therapy) by Sebastian Fitzek.

Also I’m starting to write down my dreams, although I can remember what was happening, it’s hard to remember the place… I’m new to this, but they are all fictional and could be a good source of new memory palaces.

I admit I need to learn to pay attention while being in a location where nothing occurs, and remember as much details as possible.
Thank you for the space!


Well yesterday I played a good game called Gone Home. It’s about exploring a house (dont look for the map yet) and discover what happened to your sister. I’m designing the map of the mansion, there are a nice punch of rooms to use, each one has a name and a really important play on the story (front porch, Foyer, etc.).
If you are going to use it dont look for the map, get it right now. Its quite enjoyable although some people says it’s a horror game, it is not. So feel free to move into the darkness (there are light switches in the dark).
It gave me nice dreams and added 12 more rooms in my “Loci’s inventory” xD (+ the whole mansion, I think I have more rooms than stuff to remember).


Hi Ai_Leen, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

From my side, I also use games to provide me with new rooms… Big rooms actually. If you consider Counter Strike Source (yeah, I prefer this one especially the zombie mod ^^), besides the classic standard maps, community creates their own, so the possibilities are infinite…

My biggest issue however, is the encoding part… Should it be verbatim or now, if not, sometimes it is too vague that I end up decoding the wrong idea… If I go Verbatim then, it is a hell too long and slow…

Could you for example pick up a text you want to remember (hopefully in english), and share how you code it… That would be a great inspiration for me :slight_smile:

Thank you again :wink: