My motivation for being here, back story and plan.


Craig from Australia here, I’ve loitered around and been interested in memory for the last 2 years but never really completed a project such as 0-99 list.

I’ve purchased a course and enjoyed the content but not committed to the home work (magnetic memory masterclass, by Anthony Metivier). But I’ve almost watched it as entertainment and curiosity instead of study and practice.

In other areas of my life where I have progressed (martial arts) and had success the difference is that I made a commitment to practice as often as possible, usually 2-3 times per week, I have a community of other people to practice with and I had a teacher to guide and encourage me.

I’m looking to replicate the community aspect with You, the members of Art of Memory. I think I can make the commitment to practice and receive encouragement and teaching by keeping a short regular blog of my progress in the community and receiving your feed back.

Along with this potentially seeking professional coaching in the future or using the program I’ve purchased and YouTube as ‘virtual teachers’

My motivation for this is simple, I notice the decline of memory due to the efficiency in technology. I want to exercise my mind and do cool party tricks. I am not highly educated and having a decent memory to be able to remember any process in any profession will allow me to move beyond low paying jobs that require very little knowledge of processes. I have 2 babies and a partner I want to be able to provide for.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. I will aim to do a short update on my progress 2 times per week. This will mostly be for my own account but I look forward to any advice and expertise you have to offer.

My first project will be to create a couple of memory palaces. Then a 00-99 list using Major system. I want to be able to remember a deck of cards and mobile (cell) phone numbers.

Stay tuned !