My method to memorize: between PAO and letter pairing

Hello everyone.

Today I’m gonna talk about the method I use to memorise some scrambled cubes.

When I started I used PAO: it was quick to learn and gave me good results.
But with time I wanted to memorize faster, so I looked at the letter pairing method.
I tried, I tried, but I couldn’t make it. The problem I had is that your letter pair give you an image and you create a story with, meaning that you use words to link your words between them.

By example: CA PH EQ OV
My words:

So my story could be: “A cactus from Philadelphia with an equation is put in an oven”.

Ok, there are words to link, but sometimes I get lost: In my case, is “put” a link word or a memo word?

Does “oven” is “OV” or “ON”?

Because I was lost I decided to come back to PAO and see what I could do.

And I found something:

  • Remove object.
  • Use action as the link word.

So I’m on the format person-action-person-action-person-action…

And it give:
“Cloud Accomodates Picard, he Howls on Edea who plays Quidditch with Otto who Vanishes”.

So I can make a long sentence like those you have in letter pairing, but mith the simplicity of PAO (in my case only 24 letters).


Interesting way to memorise. I think the best way is to just make sentences. It is what all the top blindsolvers in cubing do. Making sentences is crucial, R2 F U’ E’ R’ E R U F’ R2.

My method to Memorize cube.

When I am trying to solve only 1 cube blindfolded -
First step - memorize edges
I use memory palace for this and store 4 letters per loci means 2 images per loci.
Example - AE BX
Aeroplane Box - I link this like Aeroplane carrying boxes and store in my first loci of Memory Palace.

Second step - memorize corners
For memorizing corners I use audio memorization.
Like - NA TA RU SE
And speaking in my mind like I am singing NA TA RU SE.

When I am trying to solve more than 1 cube blindfolded -
only one change - I am not using audio memorization for corners in this , place corner letters in memory palace like edges.

Every time you have to use 5 loci of Memory Palace.
5 loci - 1 cube.

3 loci - for edges
2 loci - for corners



I have 2 categories of letters pair -

First is person category and second is
object category -
(Total of 1152 images)
Person category - 576 images
Object category - 576 images

Example - AA - Allu Arjun , Aa - Aam
AB - Amitabh Bachchan , Ab - Abacus
AC - Arthur Cayley , Ac - Acid
AD - Ajay Devgan , Ad - Adapter

And so on…

Currently , I am using object-object , store 2 objects on each loci.

Because some images are left in person category.

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