My method to memorize a 500 page book verbatim.


Thank you R30! That was really encouraging for me! :slight_smile:


Firstly, lets take a moment to think that learning a text VERBATIM is normally completely unnecessary. If you want to recall a book then use a memory palace and store the core ideas as images related to the concepts.

I don’t want to appear an arse, but this method seems far too much work to be practical. If you can do it, good for you, I applaud your effort but I do think other methods may give as good results, and with less work.

My comments here gives an idea for breaking a book down over several sections and then using a palace and spaced repetition to learn the material: Spaced repetitions for entire extensive textbooks. And Bateman has the Guide to memorizing a book which goes through several steps of increasing depth.

Learning (developing understanding) material from a book is often best done by testing, see the 20 rules of formulating knowledge in learning. Really truly comprehending data will trump verbatim recall with little understanding every time.

My own technique for learning VERBATIM is to reduce the sentences to initials and then read back the initials, this gives a “tip of the tongue” moment which is important in learning and you also don’t just practice reading the material but have to recall it. I take the sections of about half a page and read the encoded material, only looking back at the original where necessary.

I then test myself, most often using Anki for spaced repetition using a variety of styles of cards of increasing difficulty.

The entire sections of initials I also schedule using the 2 ^ (n -1) so I keep reading the entire sections through. As I get better I combine sections together so half a page becomes a page, then two and so on. After several months I’m reading back half a dozen pages per test.

I also use other techniques as necessary, such as adding movement to difficult passages to help cement in parts where I get confused or forgetful. Gesturing makes learning last: Susan Wagner Cook, Zachary Mitchell, and Susan Goldin-Meadow. I also try to break up my study habits so will test in different environments and at different times.

Learning a piece verbatim is really only necessary for actors, rabbis, immans, priests and those needing to perform word perfect recitals. Normally comprehending the material is far more useful.


Thank you liamvictor for your comment! Yes, I know these methods. I have actualy used the Memory Palace method and Major or Dominic system to memorize from Bible. I have memorized Romans chapter 1 (32 verses) and Romans chapter 2: 1 - 10 verbatim. They have actualy worked really well. Whoever asks me the verse number and I tell that verse verbatim to him, he immediately asks me how I do it. I have also memorized Psalm 1 with the pure association method. I made a connection between each word and verse number and I remember it with this way verbatim.

My problem is how to increase memorization speed to the point of reading speed. And also how to make limitless memory palaces. Actualy for limitless memory palaces a solution would be to zoom in. I mean imagine that you are a mosquito and you make a lot of mini jurneys in your room. That would bring hundreds of locis in your room only, I think.

If only I could find a really useful solution to exponentialy increase my speed. I think, that would even change the Memory Championships. If for example the world record for words is 534 in 20 minutes (random number), the next world record would be 5000 in 10 minutes just using this magic not yet known speed method :slight_smile:


Perfectly fine. Happens to us all. Happened to me in this post. Good luck.


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Very interested in this but may I know how to know the ip adresses.For example,what does [1.1 - 1.10] mean?What do the hypens(-) mean?And I would also like to know if we need to always draw the drawing all the time in order to actually know where my images for my words are kept?

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Can I ask?What do the ip adresses like the hypens in [1.1 - 1.10] mean?And can I also know whether i need to draw the loci drawing all the time to refer just like the normal memory palace method?


I am a beginner here…could u plz explain me…nd send me ur whtsup no


Hello Tariqbhat. This post here is not the same with my other posts. The method of this post will just blend your brain. I don’t know how did I thought it :stuck_out_tongue: (Maybe, because the time I was thinking this technique, I was very good at the subject of Networks in my engineering University.) Now, when I see this image of the loci network system I am scared :stuck_out_tongue: If you want to learn these techniques, you have to start from the simple methods first. Here there is a list of books that will help you understand these methods:

You can also check my blog called Verses Into My Mind:

This blog’s purpose is to help people memorize any piece of text with a method I have developed and I am also not sharing in the forum here. In the blog I first make a summary of the basic techniques and then I introduce you to my advanced technique called IGMP technique (Information Generated Memory Palace). So again, check my blog and also, check the list of the books I gave you.

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That’s such a cool idea!!

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