My method to memorize a 500 page book verbatim.


Haha. For that reason I have “no time” in quotes “”. But again, think about it. It’s no time, if you think that for me, for example, if I had to memorize a 500 page book I would have done that in 2 years and not 50 days, with the traditional rote methods. Also, nobody said, that you will not have to review again something, that is for long term memory, with whatever method you memorize it. For example if you memorize a pack of cards in 24 seconds, you will remember it for 1 day. But of course if you want it long term memorized you will again have to review it.

Note: if the first word is CAT its address will be just 0. Not You can use every bit of that network. Nobody limits you. Also if you can easily make 10 different stories with or you will have greater probability of remembering the info.


Loci Network
This graph and your calculation is impossibly hard to understand.

Why is there only 20 loci shown, when you should have 4*10=40 loci total (4 memory palaces, 10 loci each).
Why are there blue loci (from 4th memory palace?) numbered 1-20, it only has 10 loci.
I must be misinterpreting something here. Are these random numbers associated with the loci?
And why are there only 4 loci in your IP address, you can also move left too from the first locus in your address (“1”), and select maximally 4 more loci. Did you pick 3 random loci that are connected to the “7” through that line? Why are the loci organized in that way they are in your graph?


You left completely different expression in your first post:

20 seconds for one word is reading with normal speed?


This graph and your calculation is impossibly hard to understand.
Answer: I did not make the whole graph because it would be huge and the circles would overlap one another.

Why is there only 20 loci shown, when you should have 4*10=40 loci total (4 memory palaces, 10 loci each).
Answer: What? No. The graph shows 1 pink, 10 green, 20 orange and 20 purple = 51 Locis (They are more. The graph shows just 51. I just want to understand the idea behind it, not to make the whole graph).

Why are there blue loci (from 4th memory palace?) numbered 1-20, it only has 10 loci.
Answer: I think you just reversed it in your mind. Take the pink for example: We call it the pink memory palace. This palace has 10 Loci. Now imagine that the first person with number 00 comes and sits in the midle of the palace. Then imagine that the 2nd person with number 01 comes and sits in the midle of the palace. And so it goes with all 100 persons. BUT BE CAREFUL! Every time there is only one of those persons in the midle. Not 2 or more (I speak about the centre of the palace). Because that defines the palace every time. Think it like a car. There are 100s of the same model, but what defines them as car1, car2, car3 is their number plate. The same goes with your pink palace. Its pink1, pink2, pink3…pink100. What defines its number or its address every time, is what person comes and sits in the center of the pink palace. The same is for your other palaces.

Now imagine that you are in your pink0 palace. This palace has the number 0 person in the center(For that reason is the pink0 palace). Also imagine 10 Locis inside your palace. Look at them clockwise and imagine that the number 0 person (yes there are 2 of them!) comes and sits in the fist locus. Then the number 1 in the 2nd locus etc until the number 9 person sits in the 10th locus. This is absolutely stable and can’t change, because we said that every palace has 10 locis. Now imagine the pink1 palace. Guess what? It looks the same with the other pink palaces except that in its center is person number 1. And also, it first locus has the person number 11, until its tenth locus which has the person number 20.
And so it goes with EVERY palace (pink,green,orange,purple/blue).

One last thing. Now imagine that you are in palace pink0. Imagine that you go in its first locus and you see which person? You see the person number 0 (He is double). Suddenly that person catches your hand and he/she teletransports you to the palace green0 (which has exactly the same logic with pink0, pink1, blue4 etc. The number in front of every palace is a person, the king of the palace if you like). This green0 palace has the same 0 person for king in the center (Yes, they are many of them!). If you ask the king of the green0 palace where are we he will say that we are in the address 0.0 And that is because you can only come here if you pass from the pink0 palace and from its 0 loci (because in that locus sits the number 0 person).

Now if you wanted to remember the 100 fastest animals you would put them in the pink0 - pink100 palaces and associate each animal with each palace’s king. If you wanted to remember the 110 biggest rivers you would use the 100 pink palaces and then you would use the first 10 green palaces. So you would associate each first river with each pink palace’s king. Then you would associate the last 10 rivers with each of the first ten green palace’s king along with the first pink palace’s king. For example 101th river <=> king0 + king0 [0.0], 102th river <=> king0 + king1 [0.1], etc.

Note: if your green palaces is your last level you don’t need to have a locus in them. You just use every green palace as a locus. To get clear, you never use the palace’s locis as locis. These locis are just the gates to send you to another memory palace. You only use each memory palace as a locus.


I would just link all the words in the book into 160,000 word long chain, and link every 10th word or sth to the next peg in my 00-99 object list, and reuse that list for 160,000/(10*100)=160 times. Takes much less time (I would estimate maybe even 10 times less than with your method), and is much less complicated.


OK, that is my mistake. If you want I will erase it. I will also erase the no time from the title.


I think a real concrete example would help enormously.

Here’s the first line of Richard III by William Shakespeare:
“Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York”

Please explain exactly how you would memorise that and go on to memorise, verbatim, the rest of the book.


Hmm. OK I like that. My problem was how to make limitless memory palaces and use them to store info. I also think that its easier to remember something if its somewhere in space. You could also store every word in a limitless list, but again, you don’t feel safe without space. If you wanted to count every word how could you know where is the 1432th word if you recycle
your list 160 times?

That is the reason I did it that way. Because when you learn to calculate correctly the IPs you will imediatly know what is the 1432th word. Also nobody says that you must have 4 kinds of palaces with ten locis each. You can also have 1 kind of palace with 100 loci each. It’s what is simpler for ones mind.


These are only 15 words. So I would only use the pink level which is from 1 - 100

00 <=> Now = now clock (Associate this clock with 00)
01 <=> IS = “I” + “S” = [Oliver North + Andrew Neil] (Associate 01 with these two people)
02 <=> THE = “T” + “H” + “E” = [Bill Oddie + Oliver Hardy + Old Etonian] (Associate 02 with these 3 people)
03 <=> WINTER = the image of snow associated with 03
04 <=> OF = the same as 1 and 2
05 <=> OUR = the same as 1 and 2

if it was for the 1000 word I would use the locus with address [100.100] and associate that number with the image in the last green memory palace.


And all that can be done by reading once?




i beg to differ


OK. But I’d like to hear your ideas. And if you have something better or simpler to recomment me I would like to hear it.


I think that another method which is a lot simpler, yet has a lot of memory palaces, would be, to use your memories from your past as a huge memory palace. That would also excersise your autobiographical memory.


30 comments later, I’m still just as confused as in the beginning.

You’re trying to create a sort of multi-level memory palace, using the same palace, using colors and time to differentiate between different uhh branches of that palace. And you’re trying to use some type of 1 person per 1 letter system to memorize books.

Here’s something better. Just use Gavino’s massive memory palace system, and my guide to memorizing books to memorize your book to whatever level of detail you want. Both of these work.

An important point to raise is, his first reply to my comment said that he will try this (for the first time) that evening. If he is not a troll, he is just an inexperienced mnemonist who thought he came up with some brilliant new idea to create a huge memory palace system. It’s all been talked about before, it’s been tested before, and it doesn’t work that well(for most people).

Thanks for trying though,



I trolled too:

I wouldn’t actually use it, just wanted to make quick comparison between his and another method.

Just inexperienced. Had similar desire to become quickly famous, when I wrote my first posts. Only he got 35 comments with 30 hours - 20 more than any of my topic has received with one year :smiley: Ignorance is bliss.


And that shows that if you want to become famous, you have to do one or more of the following:

  1. Already be famous - Zoomy's Ask a memory champion, 345 replies, 19,836 views (meaning even random guys come here to read about Ben Pridmore, never bothering to register)
  2. Make a topic that lot of feel a strong personal connection with - Bateman's Video Game Memory Palaces, 54 comments, 3752 views
  3. Revolutionize mnemonics - Gavino's Massive Memory Palace System, 49 replies, 13,591 views
    • Invent a system useful at competitions - Lance's Shadow System, 51 replies, 3216 views
  4. Create a 'clickbait title' (good words, Bateman :D) - The absolute method to memorize a 500 page book verbatim "in no time"
    • Write about sth that nobody understands, and makes people ask questions - the same
  5. Make yourself into Beginner's Portal
(and btw I added 'r30' before the 'Transformation Method' because gavino had added his name before his method, and I thought that I can't be a lesser man than him :D )

So, learn from these guys, soon-to-be-famous newbies :grade: .


Meh. It’s also semi-random. I make a post, like “Best posts of Mnemotechnics”, I’m like; “It’s gonna explode in popularity, heck, it’s gonna be the best post on mnemotechnics!” and 700 reads 5 months later.

The stuff you write r30 is great stuff, but I feel like (how do I not offend people…) ‘beginners’ might not understand it because it’s too complicated. Your transformation method, future mnemonics, etc, is just for ‘pros’ in mnemonics and philosophy respectively. Or maybe I’m wrong.



Thank you for your comment Bateman. Hahaha no I am not a troll (although I can be if you like). :smiley: I just have a huge talent to finding really difficult ideas about something, that I actually really believe they will work, but most of the times they don’t. I am not trolling. Yesterday I was really happy about my new thoughts! And that was the reason I posted here. I thought that I could really help people with that trouble and I was really happy to help. I would never post something here just to troll you, because I really love your site and the subject of memory. I actually feel respect about you and whoever tries to help here.

r30 says that I took a lot of comments really fast and I became famous because of my clickbate title and the really difficult solution that nobody fully understood here. About the so many comments I have to say that I am really happy.Because I believed that it will happen. Yes the title was clickbate but not to troll anyone here. Also, if you see the end of my post, I actually ask you to comment me and I said to you I wanted this. And that is because before a day I really believed in this method. I didn’t mean to troll anyone here. I just was so happy that I had to share this method with all the people here, because I just admire your forum/site. That is all. Dot. If I made anybody here to get sick with what I shared, I am really sorry. :frowning:

But if again I think something that I believe it’s so good I will share it. But this time I promise you, I will have tried first for a month or a week or something, whatever, and then I will share my methods.And I will also be a lot calmer.It was just my first enthusiasm and my first post in a site that again, I really love. I was fixed without drugs when I was writting. Haven’t you ever gotten such an enthusiasm? :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot. :slight_smile:


No, no, keep going! :slight_smile: I had really fun time trying to decode your impossible image.

I have done similar mistakes - maybe my Stencil Palaces perhaps (hard to understand and it isn’t very useful). Also people say my lot of other posts are hard to understand - for example Bateman got my Behind->Front technique completely wrong, I had to correct what he was saying about it twice! :smiley: Finally he just copy-pasted there what I had sent him with PM.

I have been busy thinking lately (!) am I am quite excited about the below system I have developed
(gavino's first words in his MMP system)
I am very excited to know, how this method works for you.
(r30's one of his first posts - r30's Transformation Method) I was so excited that I stayed up all the Christmas night, and all previous day, writing that post and making complete tutorial at my webpage.
Indulge me if you will, as I indulge myself.
- LociInTheSky's How I'll kill it in 2014 (He always uses such hilarious words :D. And never loses his enthusiasm when it comes to competitions and training )

As you can see, you’re not the only one here :exmark: