My memory

Hello !
My name is Eliel,

I will open the subject directly,
I’ve been bothered lately by the whole issue of memory, I’m groping to find solutions and effective ways to improve it in order to succeed in reaching my goals,

I am a person who likes to learn and research a lot, I am very curious,
This is reflected in reading books, watching lectures, researching forums, and more.
I will modestly say that I am a person with a good understanding,
If I read something or someone explains something to me, I will understand very well and will not have a hard time digesting (most of the time),

Indeed, I feel like I’m losing a fair amount of knowledge and memory every period, and it feels to me like a war at a windmill, I learn a lot and forget a lot,

Also what I do not forget, in case it is something that is really emotionally engraved in me or that I really understood and internalized well, then I will probably mention it in general, but I will not know to point out the details.

If I had learned about a particular study, I would not be able to indicate what percentage was in the study, or how many participants, and where it happened, and who was the lead researcher.

I will remember the “principle” and the “big message”.

I see a lot of other people around me learning, and they remember a lot, over time, and most annoying! Naturally.
They do not memorize it several times.

They remember names of writers, numbers, data, names, and lots of detailed information.

I feel and think that this lack of ability affects me in a high way, and I am looking for ways to solve it so that I can learn and remember the little details,

but !
Without wasting too much time in any learning, because memorizing the same book or study several times in different periods will probably solve it, but it feels really inefficient and unnatural to me, and most importantly, I will not feel good when I will do it, if I read something again, I will feel bored and frustrated and what I learn will just pass in front of my eyes or ears.

I studied and researched the subject and saw that good sleep can help,
And a diet rich in B12,
And these are indeed 2 points that I will do, since, I do not believe that is the main part of the story, I believe there is something more complex here.

I would love to have your opinion on the subject, what should I check on myself or do to be the person I have described.

Thank you !