MY Memory training Journey


Hello Everyone,

I have started my memory journey training for 7 days now and i have finally reached the first step of my training which was to create the 0-99 Dominic list, and be able to recall in order all of them within my first 2 journeys.

Here is my list which might be of use for you guys:

00 OO Olive Oyl Eating spinach
01 OA The one, Neo Dodging bullets
02 OB Orlando Bloom Firing arrows with a bow
03 OC Trinity Holding up two guns
04 OD Old Dragon Breathing Fire
05 OE Oedipus Marrying his mother
06 OS Omar Sy Holding a phone laughing and calling a friend
07 OG James Bonds Turning and shooting
08 OH Oliver Hardy Swinging a plank wood
09 ON Odin Holding the lance gungnir
10 AO Ashley Olson On the corner, puking her guts
11 AA Athena Reading a book
12 AB Antonio Banderas Wearing zoro mask
13 AC Juda With a black circle on top of the head
14 AD Alain Delon Talking to girls, sex symbol
15 AE Albert Einstein Writing on a chalkboard
16 AS Anakin Skywalker With a jedi laser
17 AG Alexandre le Grand Riding a horse
18 AH Adolph Hitler Nazi Salute
19 AN Alfred Nobel Flipping a gold coing
20 BO Barack Obama Holding the US flag
21 BA Bernard Arnaud Holding a LVMH bag
22 BB Brigitte Bardot Freeing animals in cage
23 BC Jesus Preaching
24 BD Bob Dylan Playing harmonica
25 BE Bruce LeE Fighting with nunchaku
26 BS Ben Shiller Having sperm on his hairs
27 BG Bill Gates Typing on his computer
28 BH Ben Harper Playing Guitar
29 BN Barbe Noire Capturing a boat
30 CO Commanding Officer Shouting in parade ground
31 CA Captain America Holding his shield
32 CB Christian Bale driving his batmobile
33 CC Christophe Colomb Discovering America
34 CD Charles Darwin Eating a tortle
35 CE Clint Eastwood Lassoing
36 CS ChronoS Freezing time
37 CG Charles de Gaulle having his two hands up in victory
38 CH Chris Hemsworth Holding Thor hammer
39 CN Chuck Norris Doing Karate kicks
40 DO Dominic O brien Memorizing cards
41 DA Daniel Auteuil Wearing his old and ugly pyjama
42 DB David Bowie Cover his eyes with bandages
43 DC David Coperfield Doing a magic trick
44 DD Didier Deschamps Holding the football worldcup
45 DE Duke Ellington Playing piano
46 DS DyonisoS Drinking a lot of wine
47 DG David Guetta Mixing music like a DJ
48 DH David Hasselhoff Running around naked
49 DN Dr No Wearing black metal hands
50 EO Fifty cent Flipping a coin
51 EA Emperor Augustus Holding his thumb down
52 EB Luc (eric) Besson Holding Leon movie
53 EC Eric Cantona Playing football
54 ED Edmond Dantes Fencing with a rapier
55 EE E.E Cummings Writing a poem
56 ES Edward scissorhands Cutting/Shredding
57 EG Eva Green Wearing a scorceress hat
58 EH Ernest Hemingway Holding a Merlion big fish
59 EN Edward Norton Crushing a living human skull
60 SO Shaquille O’Neil Playing basketball
61 SA Samuel Adams Drinking Beers
62 SB Shia laBoeuf Talking with a transformer
63 SC Sean Connery Holding a gun straight
64 SD Snoop Dog Dealing drugs
65 SE Soeur Emmanuelle Helping children
66 SS Steven Spielberg Pointing with ET
67 SG Serge Gainsbourg Burning cash
68 SH Sherlock Holmes Magnify, smoke pipe
69 SN Angelina Jolie Reading the kamasutra
70 GO Gary Oldman Wearing a policeman suit
71 GA GaiA Holding earth
72 GB George Bush Playing golf
73 GC George Clooney Drinking Capuccino
74 GD Gerard Depardieu Holding a gigantic sword
75 GE Gustave Eiffel Building the Eiffel Tower
76 GS George Washington Signing parchment (1776)
77 GG Galileo Galilei Looking throught a Telescope
78 GH GandHi Meditating
79 GN Go Nagai Activating Goldorak
80 HO Santa Claus Saying “Ho, Ho, Ho”, giving gifts
81 HA Hannibal Lecter Eating a human brain
82 HB Halle Berry Striking with thunder
83 HC Henry Cavill Flying like superman
84 HD Hope Davis Holding flowers
85 HE Havelock Ellis Reading the “psychology of sex”
86 HS HadeS Burning human flesh
87 HG HG Wells Activating his time machine
88 HH Heinrich Hertz Emitting red waves
89 HN HaN solo Firing a red bullet with a blaster gun
90 NO NOah Enjoying his ark
91 NA Neil Armstrong Putting on his spacesuit
92 NB Napoleon Bonaparte Firing a canon
93 NC Nicolas Copernic Making earth turn around the sun
94 ND Novak Djokovic Playing Tennis
95 NE Nathalie Emmanuel Wearing her slave collar
96 NS Nicolas Sarkozy Cleaning with a Karcher
97 NG Nathalie Gold Holding gold lingots
98 NH Nicolas Hulot Cleaning his hair with Ushuaia shower gel
99 NN Noyz Narcos Smoking crack


As i am starting to go deeper in the ideas, concepts and techniques of memory, and more specifically the memory palace, i am starting to see that a method and a system need to be created if one were to save a database of information within its own mind.

To find and access a specific memory of a specific subject, one has to organize its own mind clearly if he were to use memory palaces and mental journey.

Hence, i had the idea of using a library with distinct parts, beautiful but not heavy on style. This library would be the foundation of my memory palace and i want different part to be related to different subjects like a library classification but with some changes to match what i want to learn and remember.

Lets say i want to remember a book (example).
The book would be classified in my library, in the area of Literature - type of book.
Within this area, i have to find a way to create a sign for this book. Then i would be able to enter somehow in the memory palace of this book to remember the information of this book.

I would do the same in different area of my library for different subject, different type of activity.
The memory palace that i have which are most familiar with me would be used for remembering things that i need to access fast.
The memory palaces which are less familiar would be used for information i do not need that often.

Hence, the library would become the foundation of my knowledge from which i can access any other knowledge i have acquire in a systematic way. The library would contain multiple ‘gates’ to other memory palace, in a very ordered way such as i can access the information rapidly.

My guess is that once you have a lot of information in your memory palaces, it can become unorganized and non optimized in term of memory access.

Anyone has done something similar ? any comments are welcomed.

I also have another question:
Is it possible to create memory palaces out of nothing, virtual while learning a new information.
Lets say i want to learn a new music and while learning it, i imagine in my mind a virtual palace, created on the spot out of nothing. Is that possible, is that recommended ? has anyone gone through this road ?

(Silvio B.) #3

I do something similar when learning laws and jurisdiction. I have a memory journey for the Swiss Constitution. Since every law is in some way based on the Constitution, I use the locations on the “Constitution-palace” not only to remember the content of that specific Article of the Constitution, but I also attach a link to other palaces, where I stored other laws. Often there’s an iPad which shows the first location of the other palace. I didn’t memorize the Constitution with great detail, but I’m currently trying to add some more details. I do that by adding an “underground-location” to all the existing locations, so that the normal locations don’t get crowded.

I think it’s possible to do that, but it’s much harder and more exhausting, I think. I tried it once, it was very tiring and I realized that using places I know already, is much easier.
Usually I just start at some place I know (sometimes in video games also) and just go through a journey that makes sense and keep adding information (especially for laws). So I don’t need to have a pre-made journey with 200 locations for a law with 200 §§. I just add more as I go.